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Holy crap, check this kid out!

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  • Holy crap, check this kid out!

    Lord, I wish I could do that XD

    Good inspiration to work out, though...Think I'm gonna go lift something heavy, brb.

    EDIT: This kid has set THREE world records already. The first for palanche push-ups, the second for the "Human flag", and the third for walking on his hands with a weighted ball between his feet. Damn impressive.
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    Wow strong haters in the comments.

    Its pathetic that people are so against anything different that they'll put you down when you try to make yourself better.

    I would be proud to have a kid like that.


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      I have a nephew who, though he didn't train at all, had very well developed muscles at age six. He has severe ADHD and he just moved constantly, and it showed. Meh. If the kid is having fun and is self motivated, I don't see a problem.
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        I know what you mean. So what if the kid lifts weights? It's an old wives tale that lifting weights stunts growth (Assuming the parents aren't stupid and teach good form and don't push past limits). When I have a kid, I'm starting him (or her!) on weights as soon as possible. Weight lifting is good at any age, and it's best to get these habits in early.

        The father of this boy is great, he's setting his kid up for a very promising career as an Olympic gymnast. Wish MY parents had done that
        Remember, you are unique just like everybody else.


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          this is a cool little video.

          i get stares because of our kid. always have. super active, very large child (eg, tall and strong).

          so, here are my son's influences (again, he's 2):

          1. Strong Man Jouko Ahola--family friend. Jouko sent us a dvd of some of his 'greatest lifts' as well as some of his favorite training techniques. Hawk *loves* to watch this. Immediately, he started lifting the bricks that we had outside our house, and moving them around the little yard area, carrying them up the stairs into our house (yes, i let him). Kid loves to pick up the brick, walk across the room, and put one on the low box, one on the bucket, one on the bench, and one overhead on the counter top. He likes to do it after breakfast, while i do the dishes, and so does his daily routine "like Jouko." In fact, he says "like Jouko!" every time he gets a brick in place.

          2. we went to the zoo for his birthday. he loved to watch the baboons. the set up is quite nice, becaus there is a big glass wall, so you can actually sit right next tot hem. some juvenile ones were running around and having a good time, and so he started "like a baboon!" two months ago. instead of taking the stairs, he prefers to take the ramp to the side of them (ledge). he also prefers to do this any time he runs up hill, and it's how he got so crazy able to climb things. he likes to climb and scramble over the rocks at the beach. wherein he says "like a baboon!"

          3. we have a lot of stairs up to our house. over 77 to be exact. these days, he loves to do the stairs. typically, i'll sit at the time and he likes to baboon up and walk down, and do that for a fair bit. I like it when he wears out. so, i let him do this. He likes to jump up the stairs too, seeing if he can go up, up, up. usually, when jumping--due to his balance issues--i am with him when he jumps.

          4. we have a chinning/rowing bar i the house (the perfect pull up). his dad and i both use this bar to work out. He also must work out. "Hawk must pull up, right now!" they are assisted (we hold his waist and teach him good form). he sings in finnish each one he does (like Jouko) which is to ten. Jouko sings when he counts his deadlifts, btw. Sings in finnish, one, two three, etc. "Hawk Pull Up! Sing! Like Jouko!"

          5. Kid gets a thrill out of running. we do relays as a family at the park. the relay is short, and in between two trees. dad at one, mom at the other. hawk runs. then dad runs. then mom runs. we do this for many rounds. there is also chase.

          people honestly believe we have him on a fitness regime. we do not. he just does what he sees. and what he sees is us doing what we do (he has not yet taken interest in swimming. perhaps this summer.). so, he does that. i encourage it.

          i had one woman *freak out* on me because he wanted to climb a tree. i just stood there while he did it. it was a gorgeous tree. he didnt climb up too far, and if i feel he is, i climb up there with him. i think he's only gotten stuck once, and i went up, he climbed onto me, and i climbed down. but anyway, she was freaking out.

          had another person, a teacher, freak out because you shouldn't have kids on "strict exercise programs." there is no program, and it isn't strict. If the kid wants to lift bricks while i wash dishes, more power to him. if he wants to climb a tree, great. whatever. he's happy. and he sleeps like a LOG. and he eats like a grown man.

          oh, and he has a 6 pack. and i swear to you, he's had one since he was born. it's always been freaky. he's a tall, strong, lean kid. i did not try to make him this way. in fact, i bought cute clothes for fat babies. and he's always been my celery baby. long and thin. that's him.

          and active. and he likes to cook too.


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            oh right, and not to be forgetting yoga, which he does every other day or so, which inclues hand stand (with the wall) and trying head stand (with the wall).


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              Way cool video--and great to hear about Hawk, Zoebird!
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                jeez! I bet that big little guy sure as hell wont be picked on in school! lol


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                  that is actually really cool for that kid to be doing that. He is already so disciplined and strong! It's so crazy seeing a kid that young with so many muscles. I have never seen anything like that, ever!


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                    I'm a fan of Giuliano! he's a big name already in bodyweight/gymnastic circles.

                    I think the problem is that maybe it's not entirely clear if he's self-motivated (he's a kid after all) and it's very possible that he's just doing what his dad says. Though it could be like Zoebird's kid where he's just imitating. Giuliano has a 3 year old brother that can also do a 90 degree push up (second link posted) which is a VERY hard move. Requires a lot of strength. I can't believe Giuliano can do that many. The current adult record is 12 if I remember correctly.

                    It'll be interesting to see if he sticks with this, some kids really fall off around 12-16 from their parents constantly pushing them to perform. I saw a documentary about this very thing. MANY young talented kids just don't wanna do it during puberty and feel their parents were pushing them to do something that they once loved and then flat out hated.
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                      Rangers Lead the Way, Hooah!