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Don't Drag your deer or you'll have a Heart Attack.

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  • Don't Drag your deer or you'll have a Heart Attack.

    I'm reading up about bow hunting, looking to start soon, and was reading a couple different places talking about getting the deer back to your vehicle, and SO many of these people talking about how it was just too difficult to drag the deer out, and you should avoid doing that, so you don't have a heart attack...

    Now, I'm sure dragging out a deer is very difficult, but are we really that lame that we can go kill it, but aren't in good enough shape to get it home? Maybe in addition to shooting practice we need to be practicing carrying heavy things for long distances like we recomend here too? Would love to hear any PB'ers experiences with deer hunting.

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    OMG, you're kidding, right? That's ridiculous!

    We always dragged our deer. My poor dad always ends up dragging a wet deer. It seems like the last couple he got they crossed the creek, so he has to drag it thru the creek. Wet deer are HEAVY. He usually just tethers it to his tree stand harnass and starts walking. I admit I've never had to drag my own.

    One year though, mom got a HUGE doe. She was gigantic. Dad tried to drag her but it was too big. He ended up putting her on our sled and using the lawn tractor. That was the only year I ever remember him having to "cheat." LOL

    If you're too out of shape to drag a deer, you have no right to shoot one.


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      You have got to be kidding me. What the hell do you do with the deer then?
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        Most of these people in the thread were saying buy a deer cart, which wouldn't be too bad, or buy an ATV. The consensus seemed to be that dragging it would be a last resort.


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          This is from the ESPN Outdoors site: "You can die from deer hunting, and it's not from guns. The excitement of taking a good buck, then the physical exertion of dragging or lifting the animal, can bring on a heart attack. This is especially so with sedentary hunters and when the weather is extremely cold."


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            That's why you take your time... take breaks when you need to so you don't kill yourself.

            You can have a heart attack getting laid that doesn't mean we shouldn't do it.

            ...I don't mean "we" as in WE but get the drift. lol


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              My dad is 73 years old. His old rule used to be "If you can't drag it out, you've gone in too far." Personally, I'm glad he got a deer cart a few years ago, and had been encouraging him for some time.

              Now if I could convince him not to shovel snow off the roof...


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                Have ya seen some of those compound bow hunters? They weigh twice as much as the deer.
                You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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                  Dragging it is gonna be less work then carrying it usually! At least as long as you don't drag it through the creek and the scrub brush! But really. Most 'BIG' deer around here (and we have Mule deer) would be a live weight of maybe a couple hundred pounds? Drop the guts and you are down to almost half of that. Now you and your hunting buddy can'y pick that up and carry it? Really? Huh. Again I go with the theory that if you can't drag it or carry it out you shouldn't be shooting it!


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                    Yes its a bitch but that's what friends are for!
                    You'll never see the light if you're in someone else's shadow, or said another way, life is like a dog sled team, if you're not the lead dog, the scenery never changes


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                      Good Grief!!

                      My hubby either carries his (in two sections if it's too large) or uses his homemade game cart.

                      And what if they killed an elk? Do they just leave it, or take a few steaks and call it good?

                      Even with elk, hubby starts packing. And makes more than one trip if necessary (and sometimes it's one heck of a hike back and forth).

                      I agree with the poster who said they shouldn't be shooting it if they can't be dealing with it. Sheesh!!
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                        Holy shit, times are changing, eh? Buy a hunting game for the Wii and call it a day.


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                          This almost sounds like there is something special about the specific act of dragging a deer that is guaranteed to give you a heart attack.

                          Anyone who dies from dragging a deer probably isn't going to live a whole lot longer anyway.


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                            I hate dragging deer just because of the ticks. Fucking mississippi deer ticks.


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                              Well, they're running the "heart attack while shoveling the driveway" stories now, and I guess dragging deer is more work.