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Was Grok a Nomad?

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  • Was Grok a Nomad?

    I've been pondering this the past couple days. Did Grok wander from place to place or did he settle down in one location/have a home-base that he always returned to after a hunt?

    Talk about caves makes me think he mostly settled down in one spot, or kept relocation to a minimum throughout his life (depending on adequate food supply and danger level).

    Or could he have been more like the sioux indians in South Dakota, utilizing traveling shelters (tipi's) to allow him and family/tribe to follow their food supply?

    Just a random thing I'm pondering! What do you think?

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    I'd definitely go with nomad. I think he tried to stay at one place as long as possible but had to leave the place as soon as he couldn't find any food anymore. He simply would have eaten all the edible plants before they could regrow and if he hunted in the same area for too long, soon al the animals would have fled or been eaten.


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      I think it depended on their location. For instance, a tribe of hunter gatherers in the Amazon rain forest would probably have little need to move because seasonality was probably not much of an issue and resources where homogeneously found throughout large areas.

      On the other hand, places with strong seasonality such as lands in upper hemispheres, would have demanded a lot of moving based on resource availability.

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