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Simplifying my exercise routine

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  • Simplifying my exercise routine

    Hi guys.

    Since becoming Primal I've lost the urge to work out as much as I used to. To get myself back on track, I am planning something like this for the next few weeks:

    1. Overhead press, bench press, deadlift - 5 x 5 (as heavy as I can go, and only once per week, probably Sundays)
    2. 1hr MINIMUM of walking every day (I walk to and from work, so that's the minimum covered, and I often walk in my lunch breaks as well)
    3. A short 4 mile run 1-2 times per week (BF and I have started running together and he's just bought me some Nike Frees so it seems a shame to waste them - we take it really slowly and don't find it at all difficult having a conversation whilst we're running). I always sprint the last 300 metres or so.
    4. Every two days - the 'one hundred push ups' challenge (

    I fast from dinner to dinner and have no problems with exercising fasting (or living day-to-day life like this).

    Any thoughts are most appreciated.


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    Get some squats and lunges in there. And maybe alternate between your 100 push up challenge and a 50 pull up challenge just to keep things varied.
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      I always suggest this, so I’ll keep suggesting it:

      Pseudo-gymnastics / balance training.

      It’s training, but it’s fun. Check out and mix it into your routines. It’s stuff you can do at any time with little or no equipment and using your bodyweight (or weighted, depending on the skill you’re working towards) For instance, I’m personally trying pretty hard to get a handstand going, but in order to do so I’ve had to target my shoulders, wrists, forearms, chest, triceps, back, quads, hamstrings, abs! literally my whole body just for one skill. The point is that in order to achieve one thing I have to make sure my body is ready as a unit. Some folks might have differing opinions on this

      Also, what Coach said, mix it up a bit.

      Don't know if that's "simplifying" though, my bad!
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        i agree with adding in some squats and pull-ups. in fact, for lifting heavy things i think all you really need is marks fitness book or a program like simplefit. are you only eating one meal per day (dinner to dinner fasts)? that might be contributing to your lack of desire to workout. try widening your eating window with some exercise in between two meals...spread out the nutrients so you can fit more in.


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          Thanks guys; I'll take all of this into account.

          @primalrob: Yes, one meal per day. I don't know - I am super focused when I'm not eating but I have noticed that I seem to take longer to 'get going' in the mornings than usual, which is when I usually exercise. I'll see how I can vary things, thanks.