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Running on lifting days?

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  • Running on lifting days?

    So, i'm curious to know if it's a bad idea to do cardio workouts on a lifting day? I lift early in the morning and in the afternoon I usually do my speed-walking, but i like to jog/run for a couple of miles from time to time. Is this a bad idea to combine these two activities on the same day?

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    I would think that you would be fine since there are so many hours separating the two. The only trouble you might run into (ha-ha) is if you do a heavy leg workout, it might be difficult to put the required effort into speed-walking or running. Maybe that day can be an easy walk?



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      Perhaps. I did a walk/run thing today for about an hour, mostly walking though.

      Lately, I've been leaning more on the CW for exercise. I've been running more than anything, I have a 5k on Saturday. I've been really down from not sleeping and other things and I find the running to clear my head or at least get things off of my chest for a few minutes. It's come at a cost though. I started lifting again, did legs today... I went down in weight on my squats and deadlifts. Kind of bummed, but it's probably from the lack of sleep... Bought some melatonin today, hopefully that'll help.

      Thanks for the suggestion.


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        It's not recommended because of the opposing hormonal responses from weights and cardio.
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          Eh. Run afterward. Seriously though...take a week off and get this sleep thing sorted.


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            I'd say try to put cardio and lifting on separate days, that way you will get more out of both benefit-wise.
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