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    Hello. I'm a 14 year old girl, and was wondering if anybody could point me towards some good, functional body weight exercises I could start with. Obviously there are pull ups and push ups, but I'd like to mix it up a bit, and with all the information out there, I don't really know what to go after. I've wanted to read 'The naked warrior', but I don't think my library has it, and I can't buy it. Could anybody some it up for me? I really wanted to check into it, but can't. ;(

    Keep in mind that I have no equipment other than a pull-up bar, and cannot buy any stabilizer balls, or the like. Thanks for any help!
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    I swear by tricep dips. All you need is a chair. I like to make a rule: if I want to watch tv, I have to do a few dips during each commercial break. It's a great way to sneak some activity into an otherwise sedentary activity


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      I own the Naked Warrior, and it does have some good exercises listed in it. Included are one legged pistols (squats using only only foot on the ground, with your other leg sticking out in front of you) push-ups where you vary the body angle to make them more challenging, single arm push-ups, dive bombers, etc. If you have only a pull-up bar, you've got a start. Another person mentioned biceps dips using a chair. Burpees are also good, as well as Hindu squats, back bridges, etc.

      Another good book is "Be Your Own Gym" and "Combat Conditioning" or "Convict Conditioning" (a variation of what is called the prison workout)...your library may have these, and a lot can be found on the Internet for free as well.


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        Naked Warrior is overrated and not worth the money, at least in my opinion. There is a wealth of information out on the 'Net about BW exercise. We have a few members who specialize in BWE, including AlKavadlo and TimBell and cheapo... there are others.

        But you say you want more exercises than pushups and pull-ups? Okay.
        - Quadrupedal movement (bear crawls, crab walking, etc.)
        - Squats and their variants (jumps, broad jumps, depth jumps, precision jumps, (assisted) pistol squats, (broad) jumping pistol squat (only for REALLY advanced trainees!!)... the list goes on)
        - Lunges (forward, backward, jumping, split squat [just a stationary lunge], etc.)
        - Pushups and all their myriad variations
        - Handstand (holds, pushups)
        - Other gymnastics moves/balances (planche, back/front lever, etc.)
        - BURPEES (and their variations)
        - Abdominal/core work (plank, side plank, 1-arm/leg plank, hanging knee/leg raises, L-sits, L-hangs, mountain climbers, etc.)

        There's a LOT out there. You might consider checking out sites like,, as well as and TimBell's site (can't remember it... I know it has JungleFit and blogspot in there)... is great.

        As far as books are concerned, give Building the Gymnastic Body a look (doubt it's in any library though). You may also enjoy

        But I will say this... doing triceps dips like in the fitsugar link is a recipe for shoulder issues. Better off doing standard parallel bar dips... A LOT better off. Even close-grip pushups (hands only shoulder width apart) are better.
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          I found out about The Naked warrior earlier today and found it on a torrent. now you don't have to waste your money.
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            Look for a book called "you are your own gym" by Mark Lauren. There are some really good workouts in there.


            I use his workouts with athletes I train for triathlon all the way up to Ironman distance. nobody has yet to tell me they were easy!



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              Here's some links to body weight exercises:

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                Just go to youtube and punch in "bodyweight exercises". Tons and tons of great stuff. (Mixed in with time wasters.)


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                  I think pushups are wonderful and they're free. There are tons of varieties depending on what area you hoping to build. My favorites are military (works triceps like crazy) and pike (works upper shoulders). As you get stronger, you can go up on your toes (boy-pushups) then move to decline pushups (put your feet on a chair so that your body is declined). Then, if you're really masochistic, you can start doing plyo-pushups where you push your entire body off the ground during the pushup.

                  Also love plank moves for total body - especially abs. T-Stands are also great.


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                    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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                      Are you interested in learning some gymnastics? is a GREAT resource for bodyweight FEATS. I know you asked for exercises but he presents ways to get to do the stuff he does. It's very engaging and helps you visualize a tangible goal. Yesterday I was doing BW stuff pretty much all day. I must have done close to 300 push ups with different hand poses, elevations, etc, a ton of handstand work (getting closer and closer to a free standing handstand!), tons of pike push ups (or semi-handstand push ups, my shoulders aren't strong enough to push out more than 2 reps of real handstand push ups) and I snuck in some leg work too (bodyweight leg work is kinda boring to me, unless I'm doing one-legged stuff like pistols or shrimps)

                      Definitely check out and both of those offer a ton of bodyweight information and both those guys post here too.

                      Above all, find something you have fun doing, my "session" yesterday was spread out through the whole day but it never felt like work. To me this stuff is so fun that it just really feels like playing. I'm sore today though so I know I got a great workout too. If you have fun with it you'll always be motivated to do it.

                      I'm happy to see more young people finding their way to this forum.
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                        Marks free Primal Blueprint Fitness Ebook is all bodyweight exercises



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                          I would use the primal blueprint fitness ebook as stated above. Mark Lauren's book is excellent (also mentioned earlier) and I am a fan of Pushing Yourself to Power by John Peterson (available on Amazon). Come to think of it, even the old Charles Atlas course is pretty good.


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                            I know we're inundating you with books, but I have to chime in. Never Gymless is simply the best bodyweight book I've come across. It not only shows you the exercises, but has great science behind them. It also teaches you how to design your own programs. The nutrition section is a plus, but probably nothing new to primal folks.

                            Best part? This book is a goldmine of info for $22. Ross Enamait is a beast, and he's the most reasonably-priced beast I know of.
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                              Make sure you throw in lunges and squats. Jump-rope is an inexpensive, and extremely effective tool as well.
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