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Anyone have a great non-gym calesthenic/resistance training workout?

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  • Anyone have a great non-gym calesthenic/resistance training workout?

    I've just gone PB, and have had a history of overtraining in the gym before. (i.e. trainer 5x/week for an hour).

    Now I'm walking grok-like a lot and find this totally easy. But I'd like to add a few strength-training workouts that I can do outside (weather permitting, I do live in Canada and even in the house using objects I have around already.

    IIf anyone has some fave excercises, tips, or links so I can put together a couple of variations I'd really appreciate it.

    Oh, I'm female, and need to lose about 80 lbs. so I need stuff that I can adapt as I get fitter/stronger too.

    Wish me luck, and thanks in advance for your help!


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    Pick up "The Naked Warrior" by Pavel Tsatsouline.
    I'm reading it at the moment and realising that I've gotten so strong because I've been greasing the groove without knowing it.
    Here's my resolve.


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      Download Mark's free Primal Blueprint Fitness E-book (link on the home page of the blog.) It meets all your criteria and I really love it!
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        You could get a thera-band. They have different difficulties and can be used tons of ways.


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          Check out the shovel glove website. Very primal. Very fun.


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            Hey Klynch44!! I also live in Canada and focus all my own training and my clients training around body weight exercises. So first off, there's a ton of exercises you can get done with little to no equipment what so ever. First off there would be push ups, lunges, and squats. The good news is that there are a truck load of variations for each of those exercises.

            -push ups from the knees, from the toes, wide hand placement, close hand placement, hindu, dive bomb, plyo etc.
            - squats with your back to the wall, regular squats, deck squats, pistol etc.
            - lunges, walking lunges, plyo lunges, single leg lunges etc.

            Those are just a few of them, I often put up descriptions of exercises as well as fee body weight only workouts on my youtube channel ( and on my blog (

            Also, if you get creative with items found around your house you can challenge yourself further and add in other exercises such as dips or rows by using chairs. You can elevate your feet during rows of push ups by resting your feet up on a chair, box, or couch.

            Another great piece of fitness equipment to grab and is SUPER CHEAP is a jump rope, they're great to use for "sprint" days in between heavy resistance training days or you can use it along with body weight training in a circuit or conditioning routine.

            Take a look at those thinks and message me if you have any questions =)
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              In addition to the other great resources listed I feel compelled to throw "Convict Conditioning" out there... ... it is a bit pricey for a book but the progressions are rock solid and will help you build real strength.


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                And if you want to get real excited... check out "Building the Gymnastics Body"


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                  what about trx suspension system?
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                    The TRX is a great piece of gear and makes a great alternative workout. Reason I say alternative is I think it's better as a supplement, however it can be pretty effective as your workout centerpiece. It's great for smoking those core musles.


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                      hi tim! any recommendation for a stay at home mom who used to workout at home a lot??!! and also, what is a good jump rope. i always seem to get the wrong kind!
                      Home birthing legal mama. Unschooler. Jewish Intactivist (step away from the foreskin!). Full-term breastfeeder. Kettlebell padawan.


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                        No problem! Look for a speed rope, you can get one for really cheap at walmart, they're usually made of an almost plastic material. I usually get the $7 Everlast speed rope.

                        What tips are you looking for, I'd be happy to help if you give me some details =D
                        Fitness Is A Journey, Not A Destination.


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                          iherb referral code CIL457- $5 off first order


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                            I would have to yes to TRX. The system falls right in line with PB Fitness mindset. Uses bodyweight to build functional strength, you wont build huge muscles on it but thats not really the goal of PB Fitness. I like to to do a split of both Bodyweight and TRX. I promise even if you are a usual "workout at the gym"person you will be whipped after TRX


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                              Just thought I would provide a link to Life Line USA's "Jungle Gym" it's the exact same thing as the TRX and is half the price, maybe even less than half the price depending on the model you get. I've got one and use it with my clients, I also have gym rings and love those as well. Both are suitable replacements for the TRX. Gym rings however don't have foot cradles, but the Jungle Gym does. So if you're thinking of getting a TRX , I would really suggest the Jungle Gym instead.

                              Fitness Is A Journey, Not A Destination.