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Feeling very spacey and 'unreal' after a lot of walking?

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  • Feeling very spacey and 'unreal' after a lot of walking?

    Ok, lately I have been pretty inactive and haven't been doing enough low-level activity, seeing as I often take commute back and forth from college / sixth form. Starting yesterday, I have committed to walking everywhere and avoiding the bus as much as possible to fit in some more exercise. Yesterday I walked for about an hour or so, but today I was out for at least 2 or 3 hours on an easy stroll. Thing is, I have noticed that if I walk for such a long duration at a consistent pace, I begin to feel extremely spacey and out of touch with reality; for example, today my dad was talking to me during our walk and I found myself having a lot of trouble in following the conversation. I've already suffered from brain fog for years now, but this sensation seems to exacerbate things.

    I certainly don't plan on stopping my new exercise plans, and I personally believe that the reason for this is that my body is adapting to my increased oxygen intake. Considering how I've been very sedentary for so long, this seems plausible. As an additional note, I have been eating primally for almost a year now, so this isn't hunger or the low-carb flu, and I definitely doubt that I was dehydrated as drinking water didn't alleviate the problem. I also suffered from a headache for about half an hour, but that has subsided since then.

    Any thoughts on this? Thanks!

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    It sounds like a blood sugar issue. Not saying your diabetic, but hypoglycemic ? When my blood sugar has dropped in the past, this has happened to me, altough your case sounds more extreme. Perhaps try eating some nuts or something when you are on a long walk.

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      Definitely blood sugar in my opinion. As a postie I walk about four hours a day (then dog walking on top!) and I used to suffer what you describe on my old CW diet. Having said that, it could also be not enough calories - I got the same thing at work before I realised I wasn't eating enough fat.
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        Thanks for your replies.

        If it is a blood sugar issue, wouldn't regular, low-level exercise help to stabilise and balance that? Diet-wise I simply never get hungry, despite eating only 2 meals a day (breakfast and dinner; plenty of fats!), which is why I never suspected hypoglycemia to be the culprit. How would I go about improving this? I will continue to exercise, because frankly being sedentary would only make things worse. I'll make an effort to try and have more regular breaks between walks, as well. I should've mentioned this earlier, but I also get similar symptoms if I have a fairly large amount of dark chocolate; I get very jittery, spacey, and actually feel drunk if I go overboard. In retrospective, it definitely sounds like hypoglycemia, huh?


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          Yup. I've been very hypoglycemic on a CW diet. Exercise never made a difference for me (I'm a personal trainer.)

          I've noticed after only one week eating 99% primal that I can go much longer between meals. I even forget to eat and I need to make an effort to keep my calories up. I am intending to drop some body fat, but I don't want to have too big of a calorie deficit!

          I try to make sure I eat my chocolate within an hour of a meal, to avoid the symptoms you describe.
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