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My favourite burpees protocol

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  • My favourite burpees protocol

    Often I just like to blast a burpees session and get them out the way. Tabatas are over in less than 4 mins, a race to 50 much quicker etc. but the following one is over when you drop dead.

    At the commencement of a minute do 10 burpees and rest until the minute is up...and keep on going like this until you simply can't any more. I'm in reasonable nick and got up to 30 mins. It sounds ludicrous doing so many burpees but I find the work/rest ratio makes it less harmful on joints and I suffer far less from DOMS than a straight race to 100 or Prisoner Burpees protocol.

    All good fun, anyway and it's a mental challenge because it's about not quitting rather than hitting a number or time. You just keep on and on until you can't anymore. I only do it once a week or even second week because it's so intense.

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    Hmm. I'm afraid it might make me hate burpees so much that I'll never do them again!


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      Try adding a chin up to your burpee adds a little challenge.
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        I do them with a 20kg homemade medicine ball. Press the ball overhead, lower it, squat down, plant it, shoot out your feet with your hands on the ball, do a push up, spring your feet to the crouch, pick up the ball, bring it to your chest and repeat. Maintain strict form. Full body destruction - awesome.
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          We did burpee broad jumps at the gym last week, they sucked!