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day two of fitness (ever)

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  • day two of fitness (ever)

    Hi, I'm June. I've been eating paleo/primal for two years, and it's been great. I started out very overweight and with type II diabetes that required insulin shots and oral medications. Now I've lost 60lbs, and I don't need meds (whoo hoo!) But I still have about 75 lbs to lose and I only started working on fitness yesterday. I mean, I've always gone for frequent walks/enjoyed swimming and dancing, but I have no muscle tone at all. I downloaded the free primal fitness program and started with a 'lift heavy things' day yesterday. I had to start on level one for all of the movements, and I couldn't do pull ups at all because I don't have a bar, and I couldn't think of a great way to carry a chair to the park to use the bar there for assisted pull ups.

    Today, I'm really, really, really sore. I only did 2 sets of 12 reps on the movements and it totally kicked my butt (well actually, that's the only part on me that isn't sore). I'm planning to rest and play today.

    Basically I'm hoping for some noob advice/inspiration. The fitness thing is SO much harder than the diet thing for me, and I hate to feel so overwhelmed/discouraged after just one day.
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    Sore is good... but you will get less sore the day after as your body gets used to it. The bodyfat will come off faster with exercise. Keep at it.


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      Oh I love the feeling of DOMS. It's like being hit by a train... in a good way. I've come to appreciate the feeling, knowing I did something good for my body.

      You'll adapt, and it'll take more work to get that same ache. Your body will change faster than you think. Just hang in there and learn to like it. Some nice gentle stretching does help though, and a nice warm bath.


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        Wow, June, what an amazing journey you're on! Congrats on all the focus on health that you got you this far.

        For me, there's good DOMS and bad DOMS. Good DOMS is a moderate achiness that reminds me I did a good thing yesterday. Bad DOMS is an "OMG I DON'T WANT TO MOVE" level of ache. Even though I've exercised for years, I still have trouble predicting which I will get and backing off to prevent the bad stuff.

        If yours feels like the bad DOMS, maybe back off to just 1 set and see if that gives you a good achiness? There's certainly no point in sticking at 2 if it hurts so much that it puts you off exercise. You can get back to 2 when you're comfortable with 1.

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          I bought a cheap pull up bar at Wal Mart for $10 - you have to screw it to an opening like a basement door. Then, I ordered a more expensive one that rests on a door frame for $50 that can be used anywhere.


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            great progress and so glad you are taking up some lifting. Keep at it. In the end the pain (which will lessen drastically) is so worth it. It might overwhelm you at first but that won't last long if you stick with it. Please do.

            As far as pull up bars, this is one thing where cheap will not do.


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              Great job on your success. Once you get hooked on excercize it becomes fun and you look forward to it. I've been sick this week and had to skip and its killing me. The soreness in the beginning will fade. Sometimes in the beginning you will be tempted to do more than you are really ready for. Resist the temptation. If you're so sore you can't move you may have done too much too soon. What you're looking for is a "sweet" soreness. Focus on your form and gradually increase the intensity. Keep it up and soon it will be second nature. If you start feeling discouraged you can always find support here.
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                DOMS for your info is delayed onset muscle strain. and oh my god is it painful. I had it so bad after doing my first bootcamp I couldnt even sit on a toilet without screaming. In my case it lasted 5 days. yes, I clearly did waaaay too much on a zero fitness level. Now for the good news. after the first time, it is never that bad. sure you might do a day where you work a bit harder and you feel your muscles ache a bit and that is kind of nice. keep it up, and congratulations on all you've achieved so far.


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                  Thanks all! Today I meant to mostly rest with a little walk/play, but then I headed out to walk to the post office with the kids and they wanted to hike to the top of the butte that sits in the middle of our city, so we went ahead. So, walking and hiking we were out for about three and a half hours, which was more than I intended to do but it wasn't 'way out there' for me. We walk a lot, often for a few hours at a time, but the uphill was new. Now I'm pretty zonked and after a couple eggs and a hamburger patty I'm all warm an nap-ish

                  I'm still trying to figure out what I can safely do for sprints. I sometimes go to the pool on Saturdays (usually to sit in the outdoor hot tub and watch the sunrise) but I was thinking maybe a hard swim might work and be lower-impact.

                  I'm also up for any suggestions as to 'fun' I can have, lol! I mean, I like walking and hiking, and sometimes I climb on the jungle gym with the kiddos, but I've never been interested in sports/athletics. I'm not particularly coordinated, though I do like to dance (it's not a pretty picture, folks, but I do it for me, not for an audience Any suggestions for games/sports that are beginner friendly would be great.

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                    Yoga might be fun.


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                      My knees are bad due to previous injuries. For sprinting we have an exercise bike that I use and that does the job.
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                        Try yoga. It is fantastic.