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studies on barefoot ankle stability?

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  • studies on barefoot ankle stability?

    Hey everyone,
    I'm in an office environment every day, and obviously have to wear shoes. For out-of-work activities, I'm pretty much always barefoot or wear my vibrams. (vibrams are for restaurants, where it's a health code violation to go barefoot)
    I had ankle surgery last year on my left, because of a congenital problem with the tendons. I'm looking for any kind of study that I could use to justify wearing vibrams to work. Honestly, I think I stand a better chance of not having surgery on the right ankle if I wear them, but I feel I need some kind of proof of benefit, if I get challenged.
    So, I'm looking on studies saying ankle stability in general or tendon stability specifically is improved through barefoot walking.
    Help me?

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    Can't you just lie and say your doctor recommended you wear them? You're not a kid, doubt theyd ask for a written note..


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      Today's post actually mentions just such a study:;29/4/242

      Compared to barefoot data (position error 1.97 degrees), foot position error was 107.5% poorer with athletic footwear when untaped (absolute position error 4.11 degrees), and 58.1% worse when taped (position error 3.13 degree


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        My new Vivo Barefoot boots arrived today, and I'm wearing them right now. Could you try that approach? Certainly not dress boots, but they look quite conventional.

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          I think it probably depends on your office. When I was in the military, we had to get a "tennis shoe waiver" from a physician that would allow a person to wear tennis shoes around the office instead of combat boots. Maybe if you COULD get your physician to write such a "prescription," then it would be allowed?



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            Yeah.. just ask your doctor....
            Although if you work in a place where you need safety toes, VFFs are just a bad idea.

            Until they make steel toe VFF's anyway..... muhahahhha!


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              Thank you Eric.
              I'm wearing them today to work (It's Friday) and no one has commented on them (only the second time ever that I've worn my VFFs for a full day and no one has said anything...and this is my second pair!), so maybe I'm over-sensitive...
              I'm so spoiled now that wearing "nice" shoes feels like strapping wooden boards to the bottoms of my feet. :P

              So, the upshot is, despite the more formal office, I'm going to go for the comfy footwear, and if I'm told to desist, I'll get a doctor's note.
              (Just not on days when I have a client meeting, as they just don't go with my woman's business suits...)