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    I notice a large bulge in my abdomen about ten days ago and thought it was a hernia but after seeing the doctor he tells me it is a Diastasis recti. A separation of the abdominal muscles. After the visit and his explanation I asked him what to do? Can I exercise? All he said was yes you can do anything you want.

    After I looked into the condition a bit further I found out that there are simple core exercises that will promote healing and the coming together of the muscles. This is a condition that many women get after pregnancy and there is a lot of help out there.

    I have never had a doctor that would take the time to talk to me. Help me heal rather than wait for a hernia so he could then repair it surgically.

    Am I alone in that I can't find a decent doctor?

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    Nope, I can't find one either.

    What I want is for doctors to sit down with me before they DO anything, and ask me what my goals are. And then tailor their care to MY goals, not theirs.

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      I have a pretty good doctor, but I had to really do a lot of research to find him. And still... though he's really open to other stuff, he still has his "ways" of doing things. I had a great naturopathic doctor for a while and love her too, but it's just too pricey for me since it's not covered by my insurance. She REALLY listened and I had a lot more leeway for guiding where I wanted to go with my treatment.
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        I had a fantastic doctor once.
        That was probably 15 years ago, and I haven't found one since, even though I keep looking.


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          I am developing a disgust for doctors. They will not even listen to my side of things. I am thinking I will stay away from doctors and only go for care in cases where my life is in immediate danger.


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            Diastasis recti IS a form of hernia. I saw your pictures. I would get a second opinion from a general surgeon about whether your hernia should be repaired or not prior to exercising the abdominals. There is a surgical procedure available to correct the defect in the abdominal wall.
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              I did see a surgeon. He told me that I did not herniate and could do whatever I wanted. What surprised me was that I had to learn on my own what would close the gap between the muscles. If it does not heal I will have it closed surgically. Also not my photo's. Just borrowed so people could see what it looks like.
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                ok, this may seem a bit weird, but a lot of women after pregnancy get this. there is a really good book with exercises on how to correct it called "lose your mummy tummy."
                it talks about how you should wrap your stomach to help keep your muscles together (though i would recommend a wider piece of cloth than what she sells). the exercises are good though and really helped me. and are entirely specific to your condition
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                  Hey there, I'd just like explain my experience briefly. I had various symptoms for weeks and I KNEW there was an underlying problem that was responsible for it all. I went to see a doctor and he barely spoke to me and just gave me antibiotics refusing to make any connection between my symptoms and completely writing off the oddity of spontaneous acne in a 21 year old. The antibiotics made me very sick and the next day I went to my school and saw the ARPN Nurse Practitioner. Not only did she diagnose my PCOS almost immediately, she spent an hour with me explaining causes and holistic treatments. I guess my point is that you could consider seeing an ARPN instead of a doctor since (as my school ARPN explained to me) nurses treatments are more holistic in nature. And in my experience have much better bedside manner.


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                    Hi, I have this aswell and I had my last baby 2 years ago. I was talking to the doctor about if it could be fixed and he said by surgery. Can you give me any information if I can fix this naturally, or after 2 years is it too late. I have actually stopped doing ab work as I think it makes it worse. Plus being primal they say abs are made in the kitchen. I exercise regularly so I don't see the need for it. However, specific exercises to bring the muscles together I certainly would be interested in!!


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                      @sarahz the book i reference you can use anytime after you have your babies so two years is definitely not too late. i have found it really useful and the exercises have helped me
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                        Seek a referral to a physical therapist. I believe exercises such as planks are helpful


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                          Docs are in a tricky situation. Dictated by insurance companies (private mind you) they are limited on the amount of time that they can spend with patients. Many to most of them are practicing within difficult, challenging and sometimes nearly impossible time constraints.

                          Also, they aren't in *health* care. They are trained within the confines of a disease model - diagnose, prescribe/perform procedure and move on. If you want a doc that can help you optimize health, you'll need to find a functional medicine specialist or other doc who has additional training in alternative/complementary care *and* you'll have to be willing to pay for it.

                          Still though, at the end of the day, no one will care about your health as much as you will. I love my doc simply because she believes I know what's going on with me and will do whatever I want done.

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