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  • ZombieFit

    Is there anyone else who follows this program? It's parkour-based but incorporates strength, conditioning, a lot of quadrupedal movement, etc. I've done several of the initial WODs on their site (dating back to November '09; I felt like starting from the beginning) and I'm enjoying it so far. The sessions are pretty quick, straightforward, and have a pleasant variety to them. I just returned from doing the WOD from 11/12/09 at the avancée level.

    So. Is anyone else working to survive Z-Day?
    Are you a college student, trying to navigate college while being Primal? Do you know any other PB college students on a tight budget? Heck, for that matter, are YOU trying to live Primal on a budget? Enroll at Primal University!

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    I don't do it. But it does look freakin' cool. Love the idea.
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      Interesting...I may have to try it


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        Parkour style stuff is awesome and very challenging, so yeah, this looks sweet. Those kids are always flipping around and crap, I should try it while I'm still young... too much of a P**** though
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          Awesome! But it should include weekly target practice at the shooting range too!


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            The concept is entertaining. But yeah, needs more gun work to be real zombie prep.

            Although if we go by The Walking Dead rules, shooting zombies might be a bad idea since it just attracts more of them...
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              Originally posted by mhoward View Post
              Awesome! But it should include weekly target practice at the shooting range too!
              Now we're talkin!

              Gunfighting training is damn good excersize!


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                Looks interesting, especially since I do Parkour already. Will have to give this a thorough look over shortly
                Here's my resolve.