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How to train pull-ups?

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  • How to train pull-ups?

    My lovely shiney pull-up bar arrived today.

    My intention is to do a few every now and then of an evening. Does this sound like a sensible way of increasing my pull-up strength and rep count?

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    if you have trouble doing more than a couple, yes. when i could only handle one or two pull-ups, i really increased my strength by placing my bar in a doorway i walked through pretty regularly. every time i got up to use the bathroom, check my email, switch some laundry, etc. i would do a pull-up. that really helped me get up there in reps


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      If you can already do a pull-up you're light-years into the game and don't really need to worry about reps
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        Yes it will. My girlfriend can't do a pull up but she can do 2 negatives and she only does it when she's at my house and feels like it, which may be ONCE every two weeks, but even so she has increased her strength a bit. I'm going to surprise her with one of those door-frame pull up bars so I can work out at her house too...
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          Grease the groove and hit that pull up bar whenever you can, just allow time for your muscles to heal or it's all for nothing. If I'm not constantly doing pullups, I can't do pullups.


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            I've found doing a rep a minute for 20 minutes a good way to build. No way I would have done 20 in a row. Ladders and pyramids also worked well for me when trying to build pull up numbers. Ladder example: 1 pull up, rest (about long enough that a training partner could jump in and match your reps); 2 pull ups, rest... when you hit the max you can do, maybe start another ladder from 1. You will know when you're done. A pyramid would work down also: 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1. I have done better with ladders.


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              Thanks guys! Very encouraging!