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Wii playing for low level aerobic activity?

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  • Wii playing for low level aerobic activity?

    I googled benefits of wii exercising online, and of course only saw how it pales in comparison to traditional exercise. But of course, I am sure that means traditional chronic cardio. Just wanted to get the PBers take, since I just bought wii fit for my lady!

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    if it gets her to workout harder than she is now... then that's an improvement.


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      there are all kinds of levels of workout you can do on the Wii. And you can make it fun too, I highly suggest it.

      Sure it is not Grok-like, but then again neither is a microwave, a freezer, or anything else like that.
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        I agree with the above posters. The main complaints I hear about the Wii is that it doesn't give a good "Aerobic" (i.e. chronic cardio) workout (well, except maybe for DDR). However, it can be a really great low-level activity. The really nice thing about it is that you can end of "playing" for a long time and not even realize it! I really like Just Dance. It is lots of fun and is actually quite a good workout. The other that a lot of people seem to like is Walk It Out. Good luck to your lady!



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          "Law #3: Move Frequently at a Slow Pace" I think Wii fits the bill, especially on those cold, wet days. Or when I've worked 12 hours and don't really want to go out in the dark.


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            Yea I know its not gonna be able to replace anaerobic activities like weightlifting and sprinting, but based on mark's posts about the benefits of low level aerobic activity, games like wii fit seem to fit the bill. Thanks for the affirmation! Now that its getting into winter I doubt she'll be going on many hikes with me :P


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              With that said, there is another "game" from EA that has a fitness title that has a bunch of body weight exercises that offer a really good workout. Split squats, jump squats, lunges...a lot of variety and body weight is a good way to go to start. Just doing a proper squat takes time to learn.

              My .02


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                PLay the other games too. I break out in a sweat on some of them like the table tennis, tennis etc. I reckon they are great. Definitely get Guitar Hero too and rock on.