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  • Question about sprints

    Trying to refine my weekly sprints, and have done some reading, including the "Sprint 8" workout, where you do 8 sprints total, going from 40% up to 2 100% sprints, for 70-80 yards each.

    I have read here and elsewhere about doing 30 or 40 second "sprints", then rest and go again. It does not take me nearly 30 seconds to sprint 80 yards, especially at 100%. Have also read about people doing 200 yard sprints, which seems excessive, and for most people it is unlikely you can maintain near 100% for 200 yards.

    Am I confusing "sprints" with Tabata exercises? My weekly sprints do seem to be getting easier, so maybe I need to increase the sprint length in order to raise the intensity. But I do not think I could truly sprint for 30 seconds.

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    1) One can sprint for 200 yards. The 200m race in the olympics is a sprint. The 400m (or 1/4 mile) is the first length one cannot flatout sprint.

    2) Many/most cannot sprint for 200 yards/m. That's hard. I probably sprint about 80-90m before I gas.


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      FWIW i do a dozen 50-60m sprints ... 6 at 75% and 6 at 100%, with about 30 secs between ... that does it for me but i am relatively new to the sprinting thing ..

      i think the basic point is "sprint"


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        Don't be a puss

        200 meter all-out sprints will get you ripped as fuck cuz

        sprint 200 meters then walk the same distance then repeat, do this 6-12 times with a good warm-up and you'll start to see changes in your body in no time

        remember, this is running as fast as you can for 200 meters, not simply running "fast" for 200 meters.


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          My main question was to 30 second sprints, which would require a distance of 200 meters. First of all, I don't have access to a 200m field, and turning around is stupid.

          Don't be a puss? You must be a heck of an athlete to sprint for 200 meters and not slow down enough to make it pointless. Most joes will gas out around 80 meters as the other reply said. If you are slowing down significantly, you should be resting and going again. The point of sprinting is all out.

          I'm thinking some people are modifying to the point of not even following what Sisson's blueprint is all about.


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            I do 100 and 200 meters sprints at 100%... once i hit 300/400, I have to tone it down a bit.

            Try doing a ladder... sprint 100, walk 100, sprint 200, walk 200, 300, 400, 300, 200, 100
            Brutal stuff

            Turning around is not pointless... it works on your agility.

            Try doing windsprints in a parking lot... using the lines.
            Sprint 100 meters then knock out 20 burpees.
            Lunge 100 meters then sprint back.
            Endless stuff to do here...


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              I sprinted for the first time in like 20 years this weekend wearing Vibram Five Fingers. I got super warmed up then did 3 rounds of 30 seconds at 100% with 2 minutes rest in between. I think I am in very good shape for a 41 year old dad of two and have done intense kettlebell workouts but my arms (from pumping to run) and hip flexors are still sore three days later, mainly just a matter of not using certain muscles in that way for a long time. I think the field was about 80 yards long and I had to turn around which slowed me down some although I tried to do in an arc so I could maintain my speed without slipping.

              I think you should do 100% for however long you can and not focus on a set distance. I think you will get more out of it in the long run doing it the most intense you can for a shorter period of time. If you can only do 100% for 15 or 20 seconds, that's fine for a few rounds. I thought I could do 30 seconds and that was about right. Caveat as Mark says in the Primal Fitness Ebook, if you are out of shape or don't feel like you know your body's limits take it slower at first. I feel like I know my body's limits and could do 100%. You do not want to get injured. Pretend a wild bear is chasing you and you have go as fast as possible.


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                I have to call BS...sorry. 200 meters at true 100% is not likely unless you are a very well trained athlete. Maybe you are, but regular people who exercise three times a week aren't building up that kind of work capacity. If you asked Mark, I am fairly certain he would say most people don't need to be sprinting more than 100 meters/yards. I'm firm in my belief that if you slow down significantly after 80-100 yards then you need to be recovering for the next all out sprint.


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                  My 200 meter time = (my 100 meter time x 2) + 1 second... so pretty close to 100%.

                  I train with a group of guys from work at lunch and we go to a college track once a week and race, time each other, do drills, etc. 2 of them ran college track... so they kind of lead the charge. We are all 30+ and one guy is 50 (and a great runner). We have a corporate fitness center and hit the iron a couple of times a week and do 1 "long" run as well (5k for time).

                  I workout and eat Primally so i'm not "regular people". Most "regular people" can't do muscle ups or pistol squats either...

                  Why compare yourself to "regular people"?


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                    You appear to have worked up the necessary capacity to be able to sprint all out for 200 meters...congrats. It is possible to be primal and regular. I just want to stay in shape and look good with the shirt off. No desire to work up to 200m sprints if they provide no real benefit over 100m sprints. I sprint, but I certainly don't love doing it.


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                      Back to your original post... you should be able to sprint 200m in 30 sec... if not... i'd aim for that target.