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Alternative for Daily Fitness Solution cardio?

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  • Alternative for Daily Fitness Solution cardio?

    I've been thinking of following Daily Fitness Solution's workout plan for awhile now, and today I finally decided to bite the bullet. I went to the website, and what do they have planned for today? Twenty minutes of cardio - in my case, "power walking".

    Well, I know that cardio isn't the most Primal, but I decided to go ahead and do it, since it didn't sound excessive. Rather than twenty minutes of straight "power walking", though, I worked ten minutes of it into my regular forty-five minute walk in two five-minute intervals.

    Toward the end of the first interval, I found myself reliving a problem of old: I hate cardio. It is, without a doubt, the most pointless-seeming and nerve-grating form of exercise I have ever endured. The reason is simple: I cannot go slowly enough to really enjoy the walk, but I cannot go faster and just get the pain over with already.

    I went ahead and did the ten minutes, but now I'm wondering: is there an alternative to power walking that I can do on their cardio days? Or even some way I can do the "power walks" (I still hate that phrase) that will make them less miserable?

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    Hi -

    I'm in my first week of DFS too. I'm a "recovering" distance runner making the transition to PB, so my perspective on cardio's probably a little different than yours, but maybe these possibilities will help.

    Do you have a heart rate monitor? If so, you might want to try doing the DFS cardio workouts in the PB 55%-75% low level activity zone. Pick a heart rate in that zone, say 65% of your max heart rate, and see how far you can travel in 10 minutes at that heart rate. If you're improving your fat metabolism the distance you cover should improve over time.

    Another option is to add a purpose to your movement. Try walking to a landmark that's about 10 minutes away and see how your time improves. You could also walk to the market or another errand and time yourself.

    But don't forget that if you are already getting lots of low intensity aerobic movement then you may not need the time trial for conditioning. Your 45 minute walk is a lot easier on your body than the time trial and probably supports better fat metabolism to boot. So if you prefer a gentle 45 minute walk to a 10 or 20 minute "power-walk" (I hate that term too) time trial I'd recommend you stick with your regular walk and otherwise follow DFS as prescribed.


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      Geri, I didn't understand the interval bit.

      Anyway, why don't you start with interval sprints, repeat about 5 times or so and then just walk at a good pace for 20 minutes.

      The interval sprints will release fatty acids in the bloodstream and doing the walking will use up the fatty acids rather then they go back into storage.


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        Sue - What I meant by intervals is that I walked at my regular pace for ten minutes, then sped up for five, then walked at regular pace for another ten minutes, then sped up for another five. That way I didn't have to suffer all of the pain at once.

        I might try starting off my walk with a bit of sprinting on those days - or hearty jogging, anyway. Problem is, I'm 5'3 and weigh 180 pounds (mainly of fat), so my body can't take a lot of abuse. At this point, sprinting qualifies as abuse.


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          I follow the Cooper Aerobic Points system. They have point values for distances and times and if you get 30 points a week consistently you are very likely aerobically healthy and fit.

          My target is 4 miles in an hour(15 minute miles) 3 times a week. That could be broken up into 2 miles in 30 minutes 6 times a week but my poor old feet don't like exercise walks on consecutive days.

          If you want slower pace 3 miles in an hour(20 minute miles) 6 times a week would work as well. The slower you go the farther you have to go. Seems pretty fair!

          If you're interested I can google up the chart url or just figure your mileage target for your favored minutes per mile and days per week for you.