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  • Minimal shoe review

    I have been running in Vibram KSO's for about three months now. They are awesome to say the least. I'm very flat footed, and have always had ankle and knee pain regardless of how expensive the motion control shoes I was wearing. Vibrams eleminated all the pain completely. I'm in the Air Force though, and don't want to receive any flack for wearing the Vibrams in pt uniform. So I stumbled across the Puma Street Kosmos. Been running with them for about a month now, and have had results just as awesome as the Vibrams. They have minimal soles and are very light. Just wanted to help anyone who may be looking for minimalist shoes other than Vibrams.

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    Cool. We have two guys in my Squadron that wear Vibrams for PT, no flack here. I am thinking of getting some minimalist shoes, but I am leaning towards waiting for the New Balance shoe. I might buy a soft shoe for everyday use in the mean time.

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