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  • PBF assessment

    In taking my fitness assessment, I ran into some problems completing the push-up and dive bomber portions. My wrists just couldn't take the strain of the full sets. Is this just part of the conditioning and working up, or should I do something on the side to improve wrist strength?

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    id just assume that means start at level 1 and go from there


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      Also, you can adjust your hand/wrist position; you can do them on your knuckles instead of palms (i.e. make a fist and put the fist down instead of the palm); you can grab a set of 5# weights (the hex ones are best as they don't roll LOL) and hold those instead of having your hands directly on the ground.

      I'm sure others here have many more ideas. Those are just the ones I've tried over time when I've had wrist issues.

      Hope that helps!