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  • Killer Leg Workout

    Right, so, some of you may remember this thread I made not so long ago:

    I now have my kettlebell and have been playing about with it for a good 3 weeks now just getting used to swinging it and the weight. I've also formulated two goals to work towards.
    My first is simply to increase my leg strength, the second is regarding stretching and flexibility.

    Basically I'm looking for exercises to compile a kick ass leg workout program. I want to increase my strength primarily above all right now, sprints are a given though so I will definitely fit those in where I can.

    So I guess my question to everyone on here is, what exercises do you know? Using the kettlebell preferably
    Thought I would recruit the collective minds of MDA to help me
    Here's my resolve.

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    Basically I'm looking for exercises to compile a kick ass leg workout program.
    Well squats and deadlifts should be part of any routine aiming for this ^^

    you can do those with kettlebells though you'll be doing a lot of reps unless you got the big, heavy and expensive ones.

    Additionally and probably more apt for kettlebells specifically are overhead squats

    Make this your exercise of choise and you will be a super bad ass.

    Just do a Google or Bing image search on Overhead squats. With kettlebells they would be even harder because you have to stabilize your arms independently in addition to your core while keeping balanced.

    super bad ass
    ad astra per aspera


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      I recently added sled drags to my leg days. Maybe it's just the lactic acid burn, but they kick my ass and I love them for it.


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        If you are primarily doing kettlebells (and bodyweight) then I'd suggest one-legged strength exercises. You can work on your pistol squat (youtube it). You can also do bulgarian split squats AKA rear foot elevated split squats (again, youtube).

        I prefer bulgarian split squats because they are @#$%^ hard and you don't have to learn the party trick/skill of balancing on one leg like in a pistol squat. you can hold a kettlebell in front of you when you do it.

        You should also talk to a forum member 'primalclubber'. He says he does kettlebells and yet can demonstrate good strength with a heavy barbell when he feels like it. Come to think of it, I should talk to him. How does that work?


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          Goblet squats (holding the KB in front of you) front squats with the KB racked, lunges, pistols, step-ups. Hell, the swing will help a lot, as it builds strength in the hams and glutes, which are actualy more important for moving strength then the quads.
          One advantage you have with a KB is the squat variations are almost all variations of the front squat, which is more quad dominant than the back squat.
          Bulgarian split squats are a killer suggestion, especialy since KBs aren't as heavy as a barbell loaded up would be, but you can MURDER the legs with volume. I did a workout one time that I later added up all the reps and sets and realized I'd done a total of 137 squats, 10-20 at a time.
          Of course, I killed the workout's designer when I could walk again two days later. (just kidding)
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            Thanks everyone for your suggestions so far

            I've compiled an initial workout based on your suggestions and the research I've been doing recently on leg exercises.
            It goes like this:


            Clean and Press (2 sets of 5 on each arm)
            KB Front Squat (2 sets of 20)
            One Arm Swing (2 sets of 15)
            Lunges (2 sets of 20) w/ KB
            Deadlifts (2 sets 20) w/KB
            Burpees (1 set of 30) Done as a finisher at the end of the workout.


            Pseudo-Planche PU (2 sets of 15)
            Tuck Jumps (2 sets of 20)
            Jump Lunges (2 sets of 20)
            One Arm Swing (2 sets of 15)
            Jump Squats (2 sets of 20)
            Burpees (1 set of 30)


            Squats (2 sets of 30)
            Split Squats (2 sets of 10)
            One Arm Swing (2 sets of 15)
            Pistols (2 sets of 5)
            Overhead Squat (2 sets of 10)
            Burpees (1 set of 30)

            Tuesday and Saturday are very KB-centric, Thursday is more of a bodyweight workout focusing on explosive leg movements to help with my reactive as well as explosive strength. I go through the workout doing one set of each exercise without any rest inbetween, rest for a few minutes(haven't decided for how long yet)after a set of each exercise, then do the second set of each exercise in reverse order without any rest again. Then to finish me off is that 1 set of 30 burpees

            So, what do you guys think? Are the workouts too long? Am I using too many exercises? Am I not using the right exercises? Too many reps? Too few reps? Etc etc. Any criticism would be appreciated
            Here's my resolve.


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              Looks good to me.
              sigpicI'm not old, I'm Vintage!


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                Thanks roadrunner
                I start it tomorrow, wish me luck!
                Here's my resolve.


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                  Good Luck. Also remember you can always add more Swings. (I did a 30 minute run of swings, 10-15 at the top of each minute, last week. Don't ever do that, unless you build up to it. My hams were screaming at me the next day!)
                  sigpicI'm not old, I'm Vintage!


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                    Here's a Kettlebell "Manmaker" I do with a 35-pounder.

                    10 Snatches Each Hand
                    >Skip Rope for 100 revolutions
                    10 Swings Each Hand
                    >Skip Rope for 100 revolutions
                    10 Goblet Squats
                    >Skip Rope for 100 revolutions
                    10 Clean & Press Each Hand
                    >Skip Rope for 100 revolutions

                    Do as many rounds as you can in one hour. No need to count them. Catch your breath while skipping rope. No need to set and re-set the timer. Just plug in one hour, set it and forget it. Your mind will be busy counting reps anyway. No rest breaks during the hour.

                    I do these when the weather is too nasty outside to do my sprints.


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                      I shall change it up to incorporate more KB exercises once I've given my current workout a good run through, cause I doubt I can do 30 minutes of swings right now lol.

                      Wow, that is a beast workoutGodzilla, in one hour as well! :O
                      Happy days when I can do a workout as awesome as that
                      Thanks for the input guys.

                      Going to start after I've eaten, my legs are already quaking at the thought of how sore they'll be afterwards
                      Here's my resolve.