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  • Workout without stress?


    I'm from Oslo, Norway, and have a question about exersice.
    First and foremost, I'm 5,9" tall and weigh about 260lbs. I'm 25 years old and have been (except for the last 4years) been active all my life. Now I've gained a lot of weigh during these last years by eating plenty of garbage food (cookies, kebab, pizza, burgers, danish, chips you name it, I've ate it) consisting of food messing with my insulin/blood sugar levels.

    Now I got this body that I want to get in shape, and remove this "wheat" belly of mine, as the excess fat surrounding my body from my neck down to my thighs and feets.

    So I've played soccer, taek-won-do, american football and ji-juitsu during my living. Different kinds of sports, really, and I need your help by asking these questions:

    What can I do to exercise without stressing my body?
    I've experienced so much stress so many times, and sometimes it made me tired and giving up whether it was workout at the gym or jogging. I really don't want to experience that again, and I'm interested as to how I can workout or behave in my daily life without getting stress.

    Are there any sorts of weight lifting that doesn't cause stress to the body?
    How can I lower my stress level if I do experience stress in my daily life during work, off work and etc..?
    What kind of exercise boosts body metabolism?

    I really appreciate it!

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    I can't quite figure out if you're experiencing physical stress or pyschological stress from the exercises?
    All forms of exercise cause physical stress, and this stress is necessary, because it causes your body to adapt to the stress and thus improve. What is important here is that you don't stress your body too much/too often without suplying proper time and nutrients for the muscles to repair.

    When it comes to suggesting exercises, I would tell you to do something that you ENJOY, whatever it is! That way you won't feel the psychological stress of forcing yourself through a workout you hate. For most types of exercise, keeping the duration under 1 hour at a time might be a good idea. If it is intense exercise, it can easily be much shorter.
    Taking a walk regularly might also be a good idea to reduce stress, as it gives you some time to clear your head and get some fresh air, and just NOT sitting down in a chair is a good thing.

    General tips to lowering stress: SLEEP! A lot! I would make time for 9 hours every day. Going to bed pretty early (at 22 or before even) is also good because you'll be more in synch with the day/night rhytm. Limiting caffeine (coffee is probably the big culprit) can help. Breathing exercises can help calm you down if you're experiencing urgent stress -> inhale slowly through your nose, hold your breath for a few seconds, and blow slowly out your mouth.
    I don't really think any exercises directly boost metabolism.. Gaining more muscle mass, however, will increase your metabolism, so any exercises that achieve that might be helpful.


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      Great reply -- +1
      "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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        Pandadude + Jenny: Thank you for your replies!
        I've experienced mostly psychological stress because I can't live up to my expectations when I'm out working. The will is stronger than my body can take right now. But also when I am pushing myself hard enough, I feel so worn out and it's like my body energy just goes "poof", like a "candle in the wind".. :P
        I've gotten some advices like using the stairs instead of taking the elevator, so I was first and foremost going for a type of exercise that doesn't tear me up.
        Is it low-cardio it's called?

        When it comes to your general tips: I am trying to sleep at around 9PM, but having done so a couple of nights lately makes me wake up around 03:00 AM, and I am normally waking up at 05:45AM going for work, so maybe it does take time for the body to re-adjust the sleeping time?
        As for coffee, I don't drink that, but I do enjoy a cup of real tea (green tea, herb tea), not tea bags, and I'm not drinking that later than 06:00PM.


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          I agree with Pandadude, but I would also suggest that you define your goals. If you can't live up to your expectations, then you should focus on a specific reason for working out.

          Your first post talks about wanting to lose fat. I might suggest doing two or three basic weightlifting sessions a week and otherwise just do some walking, etc. Don't do anything that involves tons of repetitions or getting yourself really out of breath, just go to a gym and use a barbell, dumbells, or the weight machines. Keep it under 45 minutes or so. If you are using machines, do basic stuff like a chest press and a leg press.

          Don't stress about working out. Try to workout enough that you feel energized when you leave the gym. The goal of being in the gym, at this point, could be thought of as building some muscle and getting a healthy hormonal response, while the real weight loss and fat loss comes from having a healthy diet. Think of it as getting back into shape slowly, laying a foundation, and you can workout hard later.


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            mhoward: Thanks for taking time to help me out here.
            The thing is that while I am a person with big bones in my body, I don't want to have a bodybuilder body.
            I just want to tighten it, maybe have some sort of definitions, but not bulk or anything like that; just make my body tight.

            Do the exercises you mentioned have this effect on my body, or is this something that is uniquely up to my body to decide how it will look like? (sorry if my english gets out of hand)


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              I think its a misconceptions that you will automatically get a bodybuilder physique from bodybuilding exercises ^^ . Competing bodybuilders go through years of training and micromanagement (possibly drugs/supplements) to get as big and cut, and they generally don't maintain it all year long. A regular joe doing a bit of bodybuilding will simply see strength gains and some muscle growth. If the diet supports it calorie wise you can "bulk up".

              If you have a lot of fat covering your muscles, training them may or may not make you look more defined. If you don't have fat covering them, then you will definately see more muscle definition from bodybuilding (or other types of strength training).

              No form of exercise is really going to make you lose a lot of fat afaik. If you have a lot of excess bodyfat then you need to lose it before the muscle gains from bodybuilding will become visible in muscle definition.
              Hope that is clear, if not I can also try it in Danish d:


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                Jammen, jeg forstår dig sgu godt, Pandadreng! :P

                The thing is that I have a lot of fat covering my upper body (stomach, chest, neck, back, "love handles"), also thighs and butt.
                When I really try to touch my muscles I feel a big layer of fat covering them, except for my arms because of my daily work consisting of lifting a lot of heavy suitcases during the whole day (like 10-15kg each)
                So what I really want to do is loose the fat without making my muscles bigger, maybe some buildups, but I want to shrink in fat size, if you know what I mean?

                I want to get down to my body size instead of my fat size. I will upload some pictures during this weekend to my profil gallery so you can see what I am talking about..


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                  I understand what you mean, but exercise isn't going to be a major contributor for fatloss unless you go hiking for days in the mountains with loads of gear or something of that sort, because no kind of reasonable exercise performed for an hour is going to burn a lot of calories. Therefore it is pretty irrelevant what you do for exercise as long as you have a good diet.
                  Howerver, exercise does have benefits even while dieting: Increased insulin sensitivity (how well you tolerate carbohydrates) and muscle maintenance (you will probably lose muscle as well as fat when you lose weight). Not consuming any major source of carbohydrates (tubers, fruit, other sugars) prior to working out probably has an even greater effect because you will deplete more muscle glycogen while maintaining fat burning as your primary fuel.


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                    You could try a lot of walking. I always feel completely de-stressed after my long walks.


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                      Ok, Pandadude
                      I will try to set up some sort of a weekly plan where I can workout the muscles specifically for maximum 45mins(1-2 times a week) and take a walk almost daily, and change between short and long distances.

                      But you know, we do have many fine hills to climb here in Norway, so I might have a go at that one beautiful day..

                      Adrianne: Good suggestion! I will try doing that..