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winter jacket for simplefit workouts in NYC winter

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  • winter jacket for simplefit workouts in NYC winter

    Hey there

    gym membership just ended, was doing a mix of Starting Strength and crossfit type exercises on alternating days. Going to see how body weight exercises for the next few months affect my body composition. Sadly winter is starting and its gonna get cold and windy soon, which I am hoping wont affect my workouts. The only place I an do pullups is a park a few blocks away [cant put a door hand pullup bar in the apartment]. Sooo does anyone have any winterjackets they like that they could recommend, Im thinking something by Patagonia or Northface, yah they're a bit more expensive then I want to spend, but hoping they'll last me a few years


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    Are you looking for something like a softshell? Down? Is it just going to be for pullups or will you get a decent sweat going? If you're moving a lot and keeping busy it might even work to do something like an under armour compression shirt and a windshirt like the Marmot Driclime.


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      Layer's are always best, then you can remove and add as needed..


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        Not sure what I am looking for specifically, just something that'll keep me warm enough so i cant use being too cold as an excuse to not go out and workout for 20 minutes.

        Im assuming most of the workouts I'll be doing will probably be under 20 minutes, but high intensity at the same time. Also thinking that I might get a bit warm by jogging the few blocks to the park, so hopefully that'll get some body heat going. I know a bunch of the brands offer wind resistant and heat capturing/ other options, so just trying to get peoples opinions on if those are worth getting, as it seems like most of the jackets that are all priced around $100 so wanna make the right investment


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          I have a Marmot Driclime windshirt and I love it for windy conditions. It's not incredibly warm if you're just standing there and it's below freezing but with any activity and something light under it I bet it'd work well. I think retail is around $90 now but they're on clearance a lot too.


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            I run outside all winter and i use...

            thin hat/ thin gloves (which come off about half way)
            wind pants and if 20 or below the spandex type pants underneath
            t shirt, spandex type long sleeve shirt and a thick windbreaker type jacket
            2 pairs of sock if 20 or below

            They have winter activewear type stuff in most stores...


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              Leonard beat me to it, but I was going to suggest the Under-Armour. When my boys played football, they'd wear that under their jersees (and pads, of course) and that was all they needed. Even now, as young men, when they ski or do other outdoor activities in the northeast winter, sometimes they find that too hot.

              I am a fan of layers, myself.