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18 mile run?

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  • 18 mile run?

    My cousin is running the NYC marathon to raise money for cancer. I normally sprint but I told him that I would help him train for added motivation. Of course the day that I can run with him he is doing an 18-20 mile run. I eat zero grains and he is carbing up, what should I eat tonight to have the energy to keep up with him tomorrow? I also am in the middle of intermittent fasting but one day off will not kill me because we are running in the early morning tomorrow. Thanks in advance.

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    You will have a very very hard time staying with him for the whole way unless you have trained for 10 - 20 mile runs...believe me I run these distances...sprinting workouts do not help much for this. Pick out a smaller section of the route he is going to run and meet him there towards the latter part of his run...he will need your help for his motivation then much more than at the beginning....preferably the last 5 miles or less.

    Just do your regular Primal diet...maybe some extra Primal carbs if your not sure but really you don't need anything extra unless you plan on running over 10 miles fasting or not. I've been intermittent fasting most days for years and didn't know it since I only ever heard of intermittent fasting 2 weeks ago and discovered I was already doing this and usually do my running in the mornings before I eat no matter how long the run.
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      awesome, thank you. I normally mix in 6-10 mile runs every other week with my sprints but have never run 18-20. Normally, once I hit the 5 mile mark I feel like I can go forever. Hopefully that is the case tomorrow.