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Working out fasted to lose weight

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  • Working out fasted to lose weight

    Ok, so I try to perform most of my physical activity in a fasted state to accelerate fat loss, but sometimes what I plan out on paper doesn't materialize into practice. Case in point: On Wednesday I planned to eat around 3 and then fast until after the next morning's workout. My body decided to be uncooperative and I was really hungry by evening, so there goes my fast. On Thursday (yesterday) I ate around 4pm. It's now 9:27am the next day and I am still not hungry. I was not planning to work out today since I worked out the last two days (Tabatas on Wednesday and Mark's big five plus yoga yesterday). My body feels good but again, I was planning on taking today off because I have other activities planned for Saturday through Monday (yoga on Saturday and Sunday and dance class on Monday). Should I do some tabatas/HIT or something around the house anyways, to take advantage of my fasted state?

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    Hi friend,
    I would like to add few comments here regarding how to loose weight. 90 % of the results you will get depends on what you eat and when you eat it. Exercising helps increasing your metabolic rate but the true results come from your eating habits. Stick to eating small meals but often and focus on eating natural organic foods and stay away from processed foods, drink and eat lots of water, fruit and vegetables. Avoid white foods like bread, rice and pasta. If anyone having more comments can share with us.

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