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    I have a question about the current workout I do weekly, would you say it sounds right, or any changes?

    Basically I follow Pavel's Enter the Kettlebell ladders protocol, doing C&P's with a heavy sandbag (I clean the bag once, then squat with it, then press it strict for the number of reps in the current ladder)...

    The protocol is doing 5 ladders of (1,2,3,4,5) reps
    basically the program starts with 5 ladders of (1,2,3) reps, and then you add reps to one ladder after the other until you do the full (1,2,3,4,5), then you progress to a heavier weight and start over

    there's 3 days per week, one light day with 60% of the reps of your heavy day, one medium day with 80%, and one heavy day where you go all out (without hitting failure)

    I do this with the clean-squat-press, plus I do pullups with the same protocol, as well as pushups (using the 100 pushups challenge currently), and planks... and I leave out the light day and use a very heavy (to me anyway) sandbag on that day and lug it around, lift it, walk with it, throw it, farmers walks with it etc until complete exhaustion... you get the point

    Would you say that is a good strength workout?
    i know that the squats get the weakest training as the weight has to be bearable for the press, but the walking with the sandbag day has a lot of lifting a very heavy bag, both from quat position as well as deadlifting it, so there's some work for the legs there too...

    oh btw, I do sprinting once a week too, and walking every day

    any thoughts?