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  • Oh MY...... What is that?

    I started this little journey on April 1st 2010 and am doing extremely well. I have lost 65 pounds.

    I decided to add in some exercising about 2 weeks ago and have been hiking the local trails and doing some very minor strength work. I still can't do a pull up but I am sure I will.

    Today I Tried to do some simple crunches. Nothing major just see if I could feel my abdominal muscles. And this happened.......

    Mine is a about halfway up on my left above the navel and as large as a big coffee cup. Sticks right out like a hand.

    For the most part I can control it and as of now does not hurt. If isolated I can keep the bulge from appearing but breathing seems to cause it to extrude even further so I would have to do crunches with out breathing. I still did about 15 or so before I noticed and stopped. It was like a science fiction movie cumming to life.

    I know a very good surgeon so I will go see him and see what he thinks about it. I'd also like any info or experience you all have so I can do my research on what path to take. For now I will go with no crunches until I can figure out what to do.
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    Looks like a hernia - a tear in the stomach wall through which your innards are protruding. Will become very painful if the stomach wall fights back and starts strangling your innards. Simple surgical repair
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      sure looks like a hernia to me.


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        Totally a hernia. Get thee to a surgeon...


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          Oh. Whoah. Yeah. Hernia. Doctor.
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            Never eat anything bigger than your own head.


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              It's a hernia. I had one when I was a kid. Easy repair. Fix it asap


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                Yeah, I'm glad to see you said you're heading to the doctor -- as Peril (how appropriate) said, the muscle can constrict around the bulging bit of intestine and that can cause it damage due to lack of circulation.

                As for how to recover afterward and how to get your muscles smoothed over this spot for the future... I am not sure how to advise you on that. Anyone, anyone?
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                  Oof! I would recommend asking your surgeon if you are a good candidate for the laparoscopic surgery, which has been gaining popularity recently. I know someone who had a hernia repaired laparoscopically, and her recovery time was much quicker than with the traditional open procedure.

                  Feel better soon, AnarchoGrok!
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