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Bemused by my success today....

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  • Bemused by my success today....

    I've mastered the eating side of primal, and the "moving slowly" part (lots of walking). But the whole lifting heavy things/bodyweight stuff I've not really tackled. The one time I tried the PB Fitness test, I tweaked something in my shoulder and it put me off for a while.

    I've done Jazzercise for 10 years, though I took a break all summer. There are often push ups in the strength training part. I've moaned and groaned my way through them in the past, and I've never been able to do more than a couple on my toes--I've had to drop to me knees to do more than that.

    I returned to Jazzercise (love the dancing and the people!) 3 weeks ago. Today in class, I did 10 straight leg push ups, no trouble whatsoever. I'm less "classically fit" than I was 2 years ago, and I only weigh about 5lbs less than then. So it's not like I have a lot less mass to lift. Is it really possible that I'm dramatically stronger simply by eating the primal way?

    Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
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    Possibly! I read very recently a Robb Wolf article where he says tons of people on steroids have gained actual muscle mass without doing a single bit of exercise. I forgot the explanation (and can't look for it at work) but it may have something to do with increased testosterone levels which you may be experiencing in wayyy smaller amounts?

    Interesting either way. I don't recall Robb Wolf saying anything about strength gains but bigger muscle would mean a bit of strength gain too...
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