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5 gallon bottles - OC area

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  • 5 gallon bottles - OC area

    Anyone have any ideas on where I can buy some 5 gallon water bottles like the ones Mark is carrying in the picture above? I live in Orange County, CA.

    I figure they'll give me something heavy to lift and serve as earthquake supplies.

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    most grocery stores should carry them, I think costco has the best prices for them if your store carries them.
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      You could call any office water supply company and ask if they have any that are too beat up to use and destined for the garbage - tell them your intention and they might just give 'em to you.

      Remember that water weighs a little over 8lbs per gallon, so a full 5gal container weighs (including the weight of plastic) about 42lbs.

      You might want to wrap some grip tape around the handles, too - they're not the most comfortable for extended periods.
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