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Question for the SimpleFittters out there. But others welcome too!

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  • Question for the SimpleFittters out there. But others welcome too!

    I like the idea of the Primal Blueprint Fitness, however, I am on my 42nd week of the SimpleFit program and know where I am with it (struggling through level 4 lol). I have made some great progress and love it. I do really have a lot to thank the SimpleFit guy/forum and have said this on their forum.

    I have to admit and may have stated this here before that as I have lost weight and gained ability I feel I could do more and this is where I get to my question.

    Compared to the Primal Blueprint Fitness plan how does the 3 days compare in SimpleFit, my thought is that D1 and D2 can be the Lift Heavy Things days and maybe D3 can be the sprint day, what do you think? I wanted to know basically if I may be trying to push too hard by doing a separate sprint day? I don't really get a lot of chance to play for exercise, I do walk to the supermarket at lunch so I get half hour a day moving slowly, with more on the weekend.

    I would like to get a true overlap while sticking with SimpleFit.

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    What is SimpleFit? Here is a video:

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      Hi, I am not sure you understood my post, I have been doing SimpleFit for 42 weeks ( I am very happy with it)! I would like to know if the others here that do SimpleFit or have an opinion can tell me how they see it mapping to the Primal Blueprint Fitness Plan and what they may have added if SimpleFit is deficient in any way by comparison.

      My first main example would be walking/moving slowly which I am trying to add in to my week. Questioning really is there any need to do sprints as partly Day 1 and Day 3 are meant to be as fast or as many as you can, but, just while lifting heavy things lol.

      Thanks for the response.


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        Alternate true sprints and the endurance day in simplefit every other week.


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          Personally, after 42 weeks of doing the same workout (even if you're moving up levels) you may need to try something different. I try and mix it up every six weeks or so (periodization).


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            Is this what you do Arthur?
            How have you seen it affect you progress in SimpleFit?

            These are the sort of answers I am after. I worry that although the burn is there from the sprints the sheer quantity of pull ups and push ups done on Day 1 (the endurance day) make it critical for me to improve to be able to progress the Levels on the plan. I have to admit that I have tried to add sprint type exercise (tabata protocols) after Day 2 and Day 3 with varying success, but not recently.


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              I personally don't do simplefit but I try to work in 2 strength sessions (mix of max, explosive and endurance) and 1 sprint session per week. If I cant sprint due to the weather, i do conditioning drills in the gym.


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                Abu: I know what you mean but the session take less than 20 minutes and your aiming for less than 5 minutes on Day 3! your not doing it often enough to get that bored. I have also seen significant progress each week recording a slightly better time or extra reps helps spur you to do more the next week. Not to mention the physical gains/improvements.

                I don't have a problem with SimpleFit I just want to harmonise it with PB and PBF by adding sprints or not and really just wanted a discussion about how SimpleFit fits with what Mark prescribes in his PBF ebook.

                Arthur: So you follow more of the PBF regime really.


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                  Not intentionally. I sort of just fell into it. My "typical" week would be something like:

                  Mon - strength train in the gym (squats, bench, deads, standing overhead press)
                  Wed - sprints or conditioning
                  Fri - strength train in the gym( power clean and press, weighted pullups, weighted dips)
                  Sa/Su - one day of yoga and maybe one "long" run (5k for time).


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                    So, as another SF follower, I'll give you a bit of an idea how my typical week goes...

                    Monday -- SF D1 (for whatever level)
                    Tuesday -- Sprints / strength / off
                    Wednesday -- SF D2 + some strength work
                    Thursday -- Sprints / Strength / off
                    Friday -- SF D3 + some strength work
                    Saturday -- Football / Strength / off
                    Sunday -- Usually off

                    Tuesday and Thursday: One of these is a sprint day, sometimes both but if that's the case then it's a mix of disciplines. One day might be conditioning (longer sprints with less rest), the other might be SAQ type stuff (short sprints, vertical/broad jumps, max effort, longer rests). Lately it's become a sprint one day, strength or SAQ the other, and depending on how I'm feeling, maybe an off day. For instance last week I had Tuesday off and Thursday was sprints.

                    The strength stuff is aimed toward improving my numbers in certain exercises; for instance, pistol squats, handstands, back lever progressions, abdominal work (stuff like leg raises and L-hangs), pull-up bar dips (i.e. the top of a muscle-up), one-arm pushup progressions, etc. The "strength" style training is never more than half an hour on a stand-alone day, and when paired with SF it's always after the SF and focused on one or two moves for a few sets.
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                      Seems about the same to me. After almost a year of bodyweight exercises, you may want to specialize. For instance, I am a snowboarder. At this point, I would start doing deadlifts, weighted squats and plyometrics 3 days a week.


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                        i do simplefit and sprints. most weeks i do mwf simplefit with tuesday sprints, and lots of slow moving throughout the week. lately, i've been doing day 2 on both wednesday and friday in an attempt to build more strength and push past that 5 minute mark (level 5 currently). day 3 doesn't seem like it would really work as a sprint day. it's definitely short and intense, but i don't think it's enough. day 3 with a few sets of burpees might be more inline with a good sprint session.


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                          Woah, Velocity you are way active! I just got back from holiday and did 27 reps at level 4 (New PR) and there is no way I could do sprints in between days I ache loads from Day 1 (its been a couple of weeks since I last did a Day 1 routine).

                          Lojasmo and PrimalRob I think what you are doing is where I want go maybe adding more to day 3 like skipping/burpees etc to roll the sprint concept in to a SimpleFit day. I would love to be fit enough to do sprints between D1 and D2.

                          I am wondering if I was more active in total (more non SimpleFit activity) I may recover faster though, whats your thoughts/experience? I have started this week and I have Day 2 tonight so I will see if I can add more to it after. I still ache from Day 1 and not even sure how I will do with today's work out let alone more. If not I will try to add to Day 3 or start fresh next week.

                          It definitely seems like people are squeezing more in to there SimpleFit routine I will see if I can do the same.


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                            Who says you have to do it all in one week...

                            you could do an every other day approach and just add in a sprint day...

                            M-D1, W- sprint, F-D2,Su-D3, Tu-D1, etc...


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                              I've been doing SF for about 2 months now. I've also been playing soccer/flag football/volleyball/basketball usually 2 sport days a week, only time I haven't done the full 3 days for SF is when I have 3-4 sport days that week, then I cut down to 2 SF days.
                              I didn't like the rules you gave me, so I made some of my own.

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