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Learning the planche.

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  • Learning the planche.

    It has recently come to my attention that I would like to learn how to planche.
    How do I go about doing this?
    Are there any gymnasts who could link me, and/or share their experiences with me?

    Currently I can hold a tuck planche for a few seconds(about 5-6). I can do a(very poor form)straddle planche, my arms bend way too much for it even to be considered a "planche" really.

    I fear that the most work has to go on my lean, so Ive decided to begin doing peusdo-planche pushups again to help strengthen my wrists and make them more flexible..

    One last thing, the planche is always horizontal parallel to the ground right? I've seen videos with another variation where the hips are elevated and the back is at pretty much a 30 degree angle with the shoulders forward.
    Is this wrong? Or just another way to do it?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Note: I recently purchased a kettlebell(this topic: have begun to use it more often as I get used to it, after my first proper training session with it I tried a planche and got my legs the furthest out that they ever have gone, wtih straight arms. Suffice to say I'll get stronger as I continue to use it, but is there anything else, any other exercises I can supplement with the KB to make my core stronger and/or make my planche better?
    Here's my resolve.

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    Christopher Sommer has a good article here.
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      I blogged about my planche training several months ago. It sounds like you already are on the right track, but it's a very difficult exercise. I'm still working on getting my arms straight. Guess we both gotta keep practicing!
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