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risks of high intensity exercise (sprints and wow)

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  • risks of high intensity exercise (sprints and wow)

    hi everyone,

    any info on risks of high intensity exercise like these (sprints and wows with max intensity) on people? how to minimize the chances of having problems (heart, orthopedic, etc) while giving this kind of exercise to older and/or unfit people (even considering their age/fitness levels)?

    keep up the good work everyone!

    Paulo Torrão

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    To quote Strother Martin: "A man's got to know his limitations."

    If you can't jog from one end of the gym to the other, don't try sprinting it. If you've never even tried a bodyweight squat, you sure don't want to your first squat to be with a hundred pound barbell.

    Try to think of a less intensive version to practice, then give it a day or two to see if there are any major problems.


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      Don't do too much volume or intensity too quickly. I have been active and a runner for 35 years (chronic cardio, no sprints). The first sprints were fun and exhilirating...and resulted in achilles tendonitis that took 6 weeks to resolve. Even within a workout, I recommend a good warm up and then a few not-quite-sprints where you ramp up speed to maybe 75% a few times before going all out.


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        I had a similar question. I enjoy crossfitting. But I haven't done anything since the beginning of summer (we just moved). For someone just starting PB, should I focus on workouts described in the PB, or ease back into crossfit. I don't want to over work myself. Any ideas?
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          i find the essential movements challenging enough.. and the multi-level approach is great for beginners.
          (i want to get my mom started on this asap and she has never done strength training)
          I would start there until you reach lvl4 in all 5 movements.

          that would be

          2 sets of

          50 push ups
          12 pull ups
          50 squats
          12 shoulder press pushups
          90 seconds plank
          45 side plank (each side)

          I will be VERY happy once i am able to attain this level of fitness.

          there are 5 more levels after this.

          you can choose at that point if this is challenging/interesting enough for you or if you want to switch to cross fit.

          I also love the fact that i can do my work out anywhere.... most recently in an auto body shop.
          and no monthly bills and no contracts.
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            Yeah, ease into it like everyone said. I jumped right into sprinting (from a standpoint of being fit doing other things) and didn't have a problem. That said, I always sprint on wet sand down at the beach. I feel it's a very forgiving surface as far as impact injuries, though I suppose it's possible to twist something while "getting off the blocks."

            Only injury I ever got was a hip flexor strain when the tide came in and a wave washed across my path. Note to self: never try to high-step sprint through the water. Just stop and restart farther back.

            The only way this kind of exercise would be bad for your heart is if you have some pre-existing medical condition, in which case you should get a check-up and ask your doctor if it's ok to train.
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              My tip is to avoid hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt when sprinting. I've pulled my hamstrings that way. Even a rubberized track surface is a bit too hard for me. Grass or sand is the way to go.


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                Good answers... thanks to all... but i was looking even further on the risks of high intensity exercise on the heart, strokes, sudden stuff... any literature, any ideas or resources on this?

                best thoughts


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                  Long term high-intensity exercise, especially endurance training is a stressor to the body. Too much exercise can lead to effects similar to those experienced after being psychologically stressed for prolonged periods. This type of stress generally involves hormonal imbalances related to growth and reproduction.

                  I personally prefer short duration high-intensity workouts, but a pleasant run through a park or nature reserve is fine too.