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Getting enough cardio for weight loss

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  • Getting enough cardio for weight loss

    I've been primal for about 3 months now and have seen a very discouraging lack of weight loss. I will drop a few pounds during the week only to regain it on the weekend when I am stuck in doors working. Part of it is definitely my food habits - I end up eating far too much cheat food on the weekends, but to my detriment I haven't been moving slowly enough.

    Now I don't really have much of excuse, but I find it very stressful trying to squeeze in 1-2 hours of cardio three days a week. Even an hour seems like a lot of time I am losing on projects. I usually work 8am-11pm work days on my animation - I am an a freelance animator - and even that keeps me tight on deadlines.

    Do you have any suggestions of easy ways to find time to get 2 hours of cardio in? I know the range is 3-5 but I really want to try and get 6 if I can.

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    Go for a couple half-hour walks every day.
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      My advice would be to stop trying to use cardio for weight loss. There is a saying around here "you can't exercise away a bad diet". So, unless you enjoy doing cardio I would try finding ways reduce your caloric intake instead of keeping it the same and trying to find time for more cardio.


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        If your main purpose is to loose weight, concentrate on getting the diet first. You won't get anywhere without that.

        It is entirely possible to loose weight just with changes in diet, however, to loose weight with a poor diet and very mild exercise is very hard. Furthermore, you will likely not do exercise because you are forcing yourself into it, as opposed to enjoying it.
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          Agree with Daemonized. You may want to re-read the primal laws, because a huge part of primal is *not* doing chronic cardio in order to try to make up for not eating healthy.

          Give yourself 30 days of not cheating and see how that works for you.

          And walking is always good, to get the hormones working for weight loss. Maybe toss in some tabata sprints once a week (only takes about 10-15 minutes tops).
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            Yes diet is more important than exercise, but don't NOT go for a walk on purpose. Everyone ought to be walking every day, regardless of fitness level or how much weight they need to lose.
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              No doubt, I certainly would not advocate being sedentary or avoiding exercise either. A lot of the time these days I wish I weren't a desk jockey in fact.
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                Absolutely, being sedentary does NOT work either. I just went through a phase of that and it sucked, big time. Even eating perfectly Primal, the weight snuck up a little, and a little more, and a little more. Nevermind the occasional 20% which made it worse.

                Even a little cardio every day does wonders for me. Seriously, I started 20-Day Shred a little more than a week ago, and you wouldn't believe the improvement you'll get from a quick 20-minute, fast paced workout in the morning, even if the rest of the day isn't horribly active.

                I agree with what others have said. The first step I'd take is to cut out the cheats and just eat Primal. Watch your calories if you have to. Some of us (like me) have to. Others here don't. After a month of keeping your eating in check, if you find you're still having trouble, get a quick little workout in at some point in your day that totally busts your ass. That's my advice.


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                  Solid advice - maybe I should start a journal so people can get some accountability in on my eating.


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                    I started about 4-5 months ago and also had trouble getting over the hump and a food journal worked well for me. I plateaued after losing a few pounds, and I didn't think I was cheating (much). So, I started writing things down and I think it helped me get off the plateau. I didn't notice eating anything different once I started the journal, but I must have. I kept the journal for a few weeks and now don't need it. The pounds have melted off recently too.

                    A couple things - I do work out. Fairly hard in a primal way on many days, I know this helps with my weight loss. One thought that might help you get over the hump is what I do on some days. I do a 10-15 min exercise first thing. I pick 4 exercises and do 3 sets of each. here is a sample workout:

                    1. Push-ups (12,10,8)
                    2. squats (20,15,10)
                    3. Sit-ups (20,15,10) (not really primal, so if you like you could sub holding a plank for 1 min, 45 sec and 30 sec)
                    4. Arm haulers (on your stomach superman position, legs and arms straight out hovering 6 in above ground, clap your hands in front of your body, thumbs up, keeping arms straight bring your hands to slap the side of your thighs, thumbs down)(30,25,20)
                    -Do 3 rounds, do 1st number of reps for each exercise, 2nd then 3rd continuous, record time

                    These exercises are not "cardio," but if you do them continuously as quickly as possible (while maintaining good to perfect form) you will get out of breath. It is a quick way to get in exercise without going overboard. This is the kind of stuff i started with, you may need to adjust for your current fitness level. Also, you should regularly rotate some of the other primal exercises into your "10 min" workout. Some days you can even sub a 10-15 quick walk. Another crazy idea that i've come up with lately - 1 set of push-ups or the favorite exercise of your choice during commercials. It helps me justify watching the Phillies game for 3 hours straight! If you are not a TV watcher, just do one set every 15 min while you are working, you won't even work up a sweat. (note - if you work in an office and can't close your door, I obviously only recommend doing this at home. You don't want people in the office to KNOW you are crazy!)

                    Lastly, now that I have really started to gain more momentum with weight loss, I really do think my body's adjustment period took longer than 3 months. I was regularly disappointed with staying about the same weight even though I was working hard. just recently, I noticed being more "digestively regular" (if you get my hint) and I think that has also helped. Good luck to you!