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Is this what energy feels like?

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  • Is this what energy feels like?

    I am not new to exercise but I noticed a new sensation in my quad's, as of yesterday. I think it might be energy. It's not uncomfortable, but it begs me to take extra long strides when I walk. When I do, I feel the satisfaction of a deep stretch.

    I have RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome). RLS is annoying and I've had it ever since I can remember. This is not that.

    I like to walk at a comfortable pace of 3.5 - 4 mph. The last time I *ran*, it was only 6 mph. It felt good but after my second knee surgery, I was told to save it for escaping from fires and gunmen. I like to lift, too. In spite of all this, I have never had this feeling before.

    This is not sarcasm. It might be stupid, but it is definitely sincere.

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    Huh. This is interesting. When I have too much physical energy, it tends to manifest as a mental "need to move!" feeling.
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      I couldn't agree more with both of you!

      I love how much energy I have. When I walk now, my legs enjoy walking as hard as I can make them. I don't dread walking places like I used to - I actually look forward to it.

      I also have that need to move most of the time. I teach piano and I used to sit all day in my chair and barely move. Now I'm getting up, walking around the classroom constantly, sometimes even doing push ups and planks and stuff like that while I'm teaching. It's awesome!