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    How important is it to eat before lifting? I like to work out early in the day, but I have no appetite around this time (at least not right away), so I usually lift while in a fasted state. Is there anything wrong with this? I really don't like the idea of forcing down food as soon as I wake up and having to wait around for it to digest.

    I never have a problem with energy during my work outs, but I'm wondering if doing this regularly without protein in my system is counterproductive to muscle gains?

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    See this article at lean gains:
    I just got some Purple Wraath. I'd been training fasted in the late afternoon (~18h fast) and I want see if adding it pre-workout will help.


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      Depends on your goals. Nutrient timing and food partitioning is for serious bodybuilders, otherwise is just damn confusing and hard to make headway unless your diet is on spot, daily and over long periods of time. A basic answer would be, if your meeting your overall daily requirements for nutrients then no it's not that important. The detrimental effect lifting early in a fasted state is the lack of glycogen/energy allowing an individual to pursue personal bests for continual growth. On the other hand if your lifting for protective measures while dieting in a deficit, then I wouldn't get too worried about not eating.

      Personally I can't accept a poor workout, it drive me crazy. That's why I workout about 1 or 2 hours after breakfast, and I'll generally toss a protein shake into me with some milk for good measure just before I leave.
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        I'm not usually hungry in the morning and I generally like to work out that way, I definitely wouldn't want to go to the gym 1 hr after a big breakfast. I might have a banana or something though, depending.
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          i try not to eat, particularly before i run or bike or do some metcon work. but before lifting, i generally do just because im so damn hungry.

          it doesn't really matter; i almost always eat a (fairly) large meal right after i workout though.


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            I have worked out strenuously (including lifting) in a fasted state, first thing in the morning, for years. It has always served me well, but I'm a girl and not looking to get big.

            This may be out-of-date information by now, but about a decade ago, when I was into the Bill Phillips Body for Life thing, he said in his book to lift in a fasted state and wait for no more than one hour after that to eat a large meal.
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              Thanks for the responses.

              I usually eat my first meal of the day as soon as I work out and shower off, and it's always a big one. I am looking to gain but I'm not too serious about it. Guess I'll continue doing it this way. Might start trying to get a bit of fruit in beforehand if I have the time.