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Surviving Thanks Giving!

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  • Surviving Thanks Giving!

    Here's a quick blog post on how to survive thanksgiving (it's this weekend here in Canada haha) when you're eating a Primal or Paleo diet!
    Fitness Is A Journey, Not A Destination.

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    OR host your own dinner and everyone will eat Primal and love it. :P That's my plan.


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      hahahah that's always the best idea, but for those who don't have that option this is a close second =P
      Fitness Is A Journey, Not A Destination.


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        My experience (with American Thanksgiving) is that no one really notices what I'm eating--or not eating. Wherever I wind up eating, there's always meat and vegetables, and that's what I'll eat. If I'm at someone's house who 'insists' that I try her 'special potatoes' or pie, I'll take some and just move it about on the plate. No one notices or cares that I'm not actually eating it--especially if I compliment the cook.

        All my life this holiday has been about food, but now I try to make it about socializing and spending quality time with family and/or friends.


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          Being a Brit, Thanksgiving is still a bit foreign to me, even though I live in the States now. This year I'll be back in Britain over Thanksgiving, so won't be around Thanksgiving foods. However, we're going to have an early Christmas party for my husband on Nov 28th Good thing is that it'll be a buffet so easy to pick and choose healthy items. Everything will be home cooked, and most of the veggies will be home grown. Desserts will be tough but I am sure I can convince my Mum to let me make Naiad's Whipped Heaven. So I think I'll be good. I'm going to spend my 20% on alcohol though

          Everyone else, good luck but try not to sweat the small stuff. If you know something will affect you badly, avoid it. Otherwise relax and enjoy yourself, you can always IF afterwards.
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            Thanksgiving is a breeze. There's tons of food and everybody is eating 2nd or 3rd helpings of whatever; it's practically impossible for a nosey person to monitor your food intake. Eat tons of turkey and some veggies, and smear some other stuff into the side of your plate if Aunt Ethyl is giving you the evil eye. Claim that you already had two helpings of everything and moan loudly.


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              Originally posted by emmie View Post
              All my life this holiday has been about food, but now I try to make it about socializing and spending quality time with family and/or friends.
              It is about being grateful for all the things we have... not just this year's harvest.


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                Originally posted by dragonmamma View Post
                and moan loudly.
                I do this all the time!

                But anyway, I think Thanksgiving is really easy... turkey and veggies. If I know there won't be a veg that isnt covered in mushroom soup, I will bring my own. One year I made roasted brussel sprouts and my family LOVED them. Butternut squash would be good for this holiday too.
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