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Training with DOMS

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  • Training with DOMS

    I trained hard on Wednesday (Squats as strength and conditioning!) and my legs are still really achey! I quite fancy training tonight, and then again tomorrow morning?

    Would going light tonight on squats help my muscles recover and get ready for tomorrow morning?

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    I'd pick a different body part to concentrate on until they we're achey anymore.


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      Good point; and I forgot to ask if deadlift would be a sensible lift, or whether to leave legs entirely?


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        agreed...focus elsewhere. training light tonight might make your legs feel better at first, but they are still going to need to heal.


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          I'd train them light. If you wanted to and COULD hit heavy numbers, you could train heavy. There's no reason, outside of discomfort (which is a big one), to abstain from training at the intensity you want to with DOMS


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            Deads would be fine.


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              Thanks all! Yesterday I also did some of Kelly Starretts mobility WOD which I just realised probably made my legs sore too!


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                Originally posted by Lojasmo View Post
                Deads would be fine.

                I'm not sure what kind of deadlift you do but mine deffinatly involves my legs. Deadlifts work alot more then just back.

                Why don't you do some upper body lifts instead?
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                  deadlifts should mainly use your glutes.

                  go for a walk and do range of motion movements for active recovery to alleviate doms quicker
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                    Go nuts. Work them till they fall off.


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                      I have had varying experiences with the differing opinions. In the past when I used to beat the hell out of my legs with higher reps and lower weights I had trouble walking for days (sometimes up to a week). It was rare that I would even consider anything for the legs during this time, and so I changed up my workouts until I was feeling better. Moving at low intensity helped a bit, but not enough in my case.

                      Now, with a strength bias, I can hit high loads, with low reps (under 5) and feel good the next day to the point where I can just about replicate the same numbers. If I ever get to the point where I am feeling DOMS, I try to go lighter with speed at low reps and the legs feel great for the next squat based workout. Having said that, without eating plenty of food (especially post workout), rolling, and some flexibility, the recovery isn't as good.

                      Another thing that with so many differing opinions you will just have to try both ways and determine which is best for you. Some Olympic lifting is a good option because you don't lift as heavy, but still go through the motions of the squat and dead lift in the clean as well as the snatch. If the DOMS is brutal, then stick to a different focus such as the jerk or basic upper body stuff (pull/push/rotation, overhead press)...

                      Or recover so you can enjoy the next training day.


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                        Thanks! Yes I agree totally regarding the high reps soreness. Wednesday was 15-12-9 alternating sets of 80kg squats and pull-ups; so 36 squats in total!