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Hip Joint Niggling Pain

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  • Hip Joint Niggling Pain

    Hi Groks and Grokettes,

    I havent been here for a while, i went of the bandwagon for a bit due to reasons i dont want to bore you with. However i am back and doing fitness and healthy lifestyle properly again. Close to 90% primal again for the last three weeks.

    Before i ask the question about the joint pain, i'll tell you how i did it. Esstentially i was at a climbing wall last night and was trying this tough route for me. Any how, I managed to somehow rotate my body in such a manner that the hip joint on my left side popped about 3 times. It was matter of seconds when it happened, it has definetly taught me to take my time to complete routes (hindsight).

    Straight after the incident i took a little break thinking its just a niggle, just like when you twist your ankle slightly. I thought i could walk it off like ankle twists, it felt like it had been sorted. However i kept waking up in the night with a pain and its somewhat worse. Any ideas of what i can do help releive the pain? The reason i ask, I am currently doing simplefit and want to be able to do my friday exercises, i will be doing pullups but wondering if pushups will make it worse. I know squats will so i will stay away from them.

    Appreciate your help in advance

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    Sorry you never got an answer... for the pain I would go with ibuprofen or naproxen. Is it possible you have the start of arthritis in that hip which is why it "went out" to begin with?