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pizza last night, best workout today, why?

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  • pizza last night, best workout today, why?

    Moment of weakness last night, ate half a pizza. Had the best workout today that I've had in a long time. Broke a personal best in time for running, which I haven't broken for a year. Worked out for about 3 straight hours and it felt fantastic. I doubt the placebo effect, b/c I thought today's workout was actually going to be worse.

    I am not going against the grain here. I still know that eating PB is what is best for my body. However, is this an indication that I am not getting enough carbs from good food the rest of the time?

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    I have had similar experiences.

    In 9 weeks of primal, there have been two evenings (a few weeks apart) when I have gone over to the dark side. It's not pizza/starches that get me, though, but rather excessive nut and chocolate consumption.

    In both cases I got right back on track the next day with noticeably fantastic workouts (after having only coffee and a piece of fruit), plus I did not want to eat much for the next couple of days.

    What a huge mental difference with primal - I have survived these carb craving reloads/refeeds without feeling like I have failed. I simply move on quickly because don't have the cravings anymore and I have had great workouts the next day. Weird but I figure my body just needs the occasional reset. I haven't noticed any loss of energy before these chocolate-fests have hit me.

    [The chocolate was around because of other household members, but the problem started with the nuts that I eat regularly, but can get too snacky with. I haven't restocked on nuts lately because of this - they have proven to be my "gateway drug" to chocolate.]


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      Maybe it was a bit of reverse a placebo effect. You felt bad about indulging with the pizza last night, so you got after it especially hard with your workout today. I know it's happened to me before.


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        That's actually to be expected when you are on a low carb "diet."

        Your body will adapt to low carbs and will perform normally.

        If you add glucose (carbs) to your diet, you'll effectively supercharge your system.

        This supercharging effect only works if you're already used to working out with low carbs.

        Check out this article:

        Hope that helps!



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          I've had this happen, too -- several times. I do not believe it's a placebo (or reverse placebo) effect, but the carbs. EASY ENERGY! Woooooo!

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            I agree with Barbie Girl. I've had the same experience. But if I try to get away with it for more than a couple of days, it boomerangs on me and makes me feel like a bloated slug.