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  • advice for abs?

    I have started the primal blueprint fitness plan, sound solid, but i need advice for some who are more advanced in this path: does plank (forearms+knees) is enough for working the abs?

    I have been involved in competition (martial art, full contact...) but i never try to build my abs with plank.. any good story to share about it?


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    they extremely good core exercises because it's an exercise that basically makes sure the abs do what they're made to do. Keep your stomach and surrounding muscles tight and strong, protecting your spine.


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      Planks are great for building your abs. There are a lot of variations on planks that you can try too. (click the link for more info!)

      Once you get good at planks, you can try working on the L-sit as well.
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        faster and smarter than a quick search on wikipedia, the members of this forum! Thanks for your quick and precise answers!!


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          Mark suggest tightening and holding your abs for building up more definition. The only thing that I for mine is about 20 fully inverted sit ups and some twisting inverted crunches for the obliques. I'm on my inversion table anyway to keep my back healthy so I toss in an ab exercise.


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            planks are great for the abs...and like alkavadlo said, there are a lot of variations you can do to increase the intensity and which muscles are being hit. also, your abs are going to get a workout with just about any exercise you do with PB fitness. my abs get a great workout just doing pull-ups and push-ups. any time you are lifting heavy, balancing, throwing, moving your body weight, etc. your abs are going to be engaged.


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              forearms and toes is better if you can do it. side planks, hanging leg/knee raises, ab wheel rollouts etc. worked for me. And i think any heavy lifting where you have to stabilize the weight above your center of gravity helps as well.


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                Here is what Mark has to say on the subject.



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                  Totaly agree with that article. I actualy don't do planks, because I'm already planking every time I do pushups, and do compound movements. (even on pulldowns the abs engage, as well as Squats, deads, overhead presses)
                  I do do Swiss ball 'crunches' (more like situps, done on a ball, except using the ball keeps the lower back from being overstressed, as in a regular situp) and knee tucks (working toward hanging leg raises) and wiil add movements like woodchops over time, but realy don't need to. The abs are a stabilizer set, and realy, just stabilizing the body during movements will work them plenty.
                  Want a great ab workout? Go bust rocks with a sledgehammer. That works the abs, hard, the way they're suppossed to be worked.
                  Everything worthc posted is great, as well.
                  Note that none of these exercises involve flexing or extending the lumbar spine in isolation. they use the abs to stabilize the spine against force (even the situps involve bending at the hips, while keeping the torso stable)
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                    Planks are great.

                    Hanging leg raises are my personal favorite.

                    But it was *weighted* ab work that really cut up my abs (beyond getting lean enough for them to show -- this is what carved out the "bricks") -- weighted HLRs, situps, and renegade rows. Awesome.
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