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bodyweight and strength questions (a bit of a long post)

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  • bodyweight and strength questions (a bit of a long post)

    Hello all, im 16.
    Ive been doing pushups and pullups for a while and more recently (about a month) I've included airsquats and pikepresses/handstand pushups.

    I have a few questions.
    1. Im right handed, my right side is a little more developed then my left, is this normal? When I look at my arms, chest, legs my right side is always slightly more toned, bigger etc.

    2. whenever I workout, it feels like my right side is doing more work, to counteract this I try and emphasize my left side when doing the exercise, however the next day it still always feels like my right side has worked harder and is more sore. Is that normal?

    3. I havn't exactly been in any fights or truly tested my strength but for some reason, although Im doing all these exercises it doesn't seem like im gaining any "everyday" kind of strength. Im obviously improving my pushups, pullup numbers etc but I dont seem to be getting stronger in general.

    I also noticed that despite being slightly bigger then say, one of my friends (im pretty average in build) when we are joking around pushing eachother or whatnot, he seems to match me or sometimes beat me in strength despite him not exercising, or being smaller. Whats up with this?

    Thanks guys, hope you can anwser my questions, sorry for the long post.

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    1. normal but as you start training both sides will look the same (get more symmetrical) but even if there is a difference - you'll be the only one who notices it unless you constantly point it out to people

    2. Okay - in your case I would start working out more with dumbbells and to also start doing more of your normal daily activities left handed and do what I do... Use your mouse left handed 100% of the time and try to write left handed as much as possbile and start doing other little things like opening the door left handed and so on

    3. there is no question you are getting stronger but if you want that primal "superman" strength then you have to find a way to add resistance to your pushups and pullups and you can easily do that by wearing a weight vest or a bookbag filled with weights - for example...

    I remember when I struggled to do DIps and I was exitced when I could do 15+ dips in a row without any problem but it wasnt until recently when I did Dips with 160 pounds on a dip belt plus my bodyweight waas when I really felt the primal "superhuman" strength and to give you some examples of how to add resisitance or weight to your exercises - look at these 2 videos here (1 on pushups & 1 on handstands)...
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      1. & 2. Yes.

      3. Start working on one arm/leg progressions (will help balance out 1&2) and explosive versions (clap pushups, jump squats, etc). Both of these addidions will help increase your strength.

      Throw in some hill sprints and and eat more will help as well.

      Welcome and contrats on starting strength training at a young age.


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        Number three could also be a function of a lower center of gravity, leverage, and your friend being more aggressive.


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          Thanks heaps guys! I appreciate the fact you took the time to read all of my post, I really do appreciate it.

          Regarding eating more - Ive been doing that, eggs and nuts ftw!

          Ill keep improving my foundations for a little while then ill start doing some explosive movements and add some weight, thanks guys.


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            Originally posted by LockieKermit View Post
            Ill keep improving my foundations for a little while then ill start doing some explosive movements and add some weight, thanks guys.
            Great idea!


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              I was going to say with your friend being able to push you around its could be he is using better structure or technique to gain leverage on you. From doing martial arts a lot of what people think is strength related is more about proper technique and structure than using physical strength.