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Book: Building the Gymnastic Body

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  • Book: Building the Gymnastic Body

    Ever since starting CrossFit this summer, I always enjoyed doing the more gymnastic-type exercises: kipping pullups, handstand pushups, muscle ups, etc.

    I came across a link to this site from a Paleo blog:

    The site seems legit, and they also have a book with exercises and fundamentals. Does anyone have a copy of this particular book? If so, is it any good for a beginner like me to pick up and start practicing? Does anyone have other resources they can point me to for similar material? Thanks!

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    I have it, and as far as I can tell it's quite a good book. Lots of exercises, from not too hard ones to incredibly hard ones, very detailed, so progressing with them should be quite easy. I have only bought it for getting some additional ideas to my current training (which is a beastskills-convictconditioning-rossenamait-parkour-mix, basically , so I can't tell what it's like to really use it with a more gymnastics-centered planning.

    I'm not sure if it's necessary to buy it, there are many free resources out there, especially for the "gymnastic exercises as strength training" perspective.

    But if it helps: Robb Wolf says it's a great book


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      sx123 said everything I would have. There's TONS of free resources for gymnastics style training... PDFs, screen shots, tons of stuff. My training is similar to xz123 ... we should all talk!
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        ive also recently stumbled across that website. Looks very interesting, and I would love to start incorporating stuff like that into my programming, but i'm just not sure where to start lol.


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          When I first discovered that website over a year ago, most of the info was available for free; pretty much all of the videos were available for everyone to look at. Be aware that you require access to a lot of equipment many gyms don't have: Rings, pommel horse, and something I believe is called a Swedish wall (?) with rungs at varying height.


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            ooh, I'd love some of those Xtreme Rings...


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              so has anyone read the book and started incorporating any of the movements? What do you think?


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                Haven't read the book but...
                RINGS ARE AWSOME!
                There is a million exercises you can do with them, almost everything you can with a bar and more. Rings give you the added challenge of having to stabilize them throughout the movement. Before rings i could do 20 parallel bar dips no sweat, got on the rings couldn't do 3 without shaking all over the place. Ill have to try parallel bar dips again see what the improvement has been
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