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Jazzercise in VFFs

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  • Jazzercise in VFFs

    So I braved it...I went to my Jazzercise class in my VFFs. Simply couldn't tolerate dancing in my heavy workout shoes for one more day!

    Tremendous learning experience. I'm amazed how much I've been relying on the flat sole of shoes to stabilize me. It's way harder work and takes far more concentration to stay stable wearing VFFs. Standing on one leg and doing something dance-like with the other is quite a challenge!

    Twisting my leg with the VFFs on the floor is not an option. The soles are far too sticky. So any kind of pirouette-like move I had to adapt to involve a jump. Probably not very pretty

    The instructor is constantly reminding everyone to put their feet down gently. Not something you need reminding about when barefoot...stomping would just hurt way too much.

    It's lots more fun dancing in barefeet/VFFs than with workout shoes. Much like walking is more fun.

    Finally, and in some ways best of knee ALWAYS bugs me. Not today

    Finally, when I was googling to see if I was some sort of trailblazer on this, I found that Jazzercise used to always be done barefoot. Sure wish they hadn't changed that part!

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    I love my VFFs! Just realized I was going Grok before I even realized it
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