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  • Yoga Recommendation?

    I would like to explore the world of yoga for the purposes of strength and flexibility but haven't a clue where to begin. I'm looking for a DVD program because having to go somewhere to do it just isn't convenient at this point in my life (sahm who homeschools 3 little ones - yikes!).

    I've seen the Namaste yoga on FitTV but it never comes on at a good time and we don't have any recording technology right now so that's out.

    So I'd love to hear anyone's experiences and recommendations.


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    My personal Favorited is Ashtanga yoga. It is super easy to do in the comfort of your own home.

    Jump onto youtube and watch David Swensons series.
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      While the P90x yoga dvd is pretty legit, it doesn't get enough stretch/flexibility that I like. But if I can't make it to the gym, that's what I do. Also, the Gaiam dvd's that you can get at Target or most places is pretty decent as well. Hope this helps!


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        my favorite is anything by shiva rea. she has alot of advanced material but i know that she has a dvd for beginners. her latest dvd, "daily energy" is great. about 5 or 7 different 20 minute routines.


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          I use a few different podcasts (free) from itunes for my Ashtanga practice. It takes some sifting through, but there are some great beginner videos.
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            I like Rodney Yee's DVDs (he's with Gaiam) and I have a few of Shiva Rea's DVDs. I use the P90X yoga (Tony Horton), Tony's yoga one-on-one, and the P90X XStretch. But, my all time favorite, is a TV show that I used to record (and luckily have saved on my DVR) is Oxygen's Inhale by Steve Ross. Yoga to rock/blues music. It's off the air now but is supposed to come back soon.



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              Try Kundalini Yoga its powerful


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                Originally posted by profdjj View Post
                But, my all time favorite, is a TV show that I used to record (and luckily have saved on my DVR) is Oxygen's Inhale by Steve Ross. Yoga to rock/blues music. It's off the air now but is supposed to come back soon.
                The Inhale series can be downloaded (google Steve Ross Inhale Yoga).


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                  Anything by Sara Ivanhoe is wonderful and she provides excellent instruction. I LOVE her stuff.

                  Eion Finn is also fabulous and you get a LOT of bang for your buck with his DVD's. He's also got several downloads available at his website Including some free MP3's if you look around.

                  I also like Bryan Kest, but he's a bit of an acquired taste. You can get his original three video series on a single DVD now fairly inexpensively

                  Rainbeau Mars has a nice series of practices that are about 35 min in length each and very good. I have all of hers and use them often. You might like these because they do have something of a strength focus (one is actually titled Pure Strength)

                  Personally, I HATED kundalini yoga and I suggest you find some clips before you tried it. But a lot of people think it's wonderful and the RaviAna DVDs are very very popular

                  Another one of my absolute favorites is the original MTV Yoga DVD
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                    Here :

                    My Favorite :
                    This is an awesome Yoga and Pilates intro. It has way more yoga than the title suggests. Only $13. From a very well done series.
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                      I have done ashtanga, hatha, moksha, namaste, rodny yee, trinity, and Steve ilg's high performance yoga. My favorite has been ashtanga, and I enjoyed moksha and Steve ilg's stuff the most. Check out for Ilg's stuff but the others are mainstream and have been mentioned already. Now, I have a blend of all the methods into my own version which i like to do periodically.


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                        Thank you all for the great suggestions! I'm going to check them all out and see what may work.


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                          My brother, sister-in-law, and niece all teach Kundalini. I've taken more than one class in it -- I wouldn't recommend it to someone looking primarily for flexibility. Focus, meditation, yes.
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                            I did Bikram yoga for a few weeks but it ended up being to much $$. Liked it while it lasted. I got a hi five from the teacher because I was putting most of the class who has gone for years to shame.
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                              I recommend Iyengar yoga to all my bodywork clients. It is deep, precise, slow, and accomodating to limitations.