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Does anyone use The Kettlebell Goddess Workout DVD?

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  • Does anyone use The Kettlebell Goddess Workout DVD?

    I live in a very rural community and have no access to a kettlebell trainer. I was looking at the available dvds for kettlebell workouts and found this one. (The Kettlebell Goddess Workout)
    Does anyone have it? If so, do you like it? Are the instructions clear and easy to follow?

    Thank you for any advice you can give me!!!

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    I have it! I has good instructions. There is no music or anything, but it is good. Many different workouts to choose from. I also have Laureen Brooke's Ultimate Body Conditioning. I like it a bit more, but it is more expensive.


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      Thank you! Can you tell me why you like Ultimate Body Conditioning better?


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        It has music and more encouragement and just a better quality dvd. Both are good. Depends if you want music and a whole set routine or the ability to mix and match. They have the same basic moves.


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          I agree with Betty. The Goddess workouts, while good, are BORING!! She's soo serious and uninspiring. Lauren Brooks is incredible.

          Art of Strength and Steve Cotter also have wonder instructional videos (in fact has some wonderful training videos for free on the website. Anthony is pretty incredible - 2 time cancer survivor. I really enjoy his instruction as well. (and it doesn't hurt that Anthony and Steve are both easy on the eyes). Steve has a very interesting approach to Kettlebells - he's a martial artist and heavily into both the Ying and Yang of exercise. He's also incredibly strong - look him up on You tube. He's amazing to see in action.
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