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  • Going Primal - Fitness Plan

    I'm a 26 year old female who is gradually going primal. When it comes to the fitness part I am at a bit of a loss. I know the basic rules i.e move at a slow pace, lift heavy stuff, sprint but I need a training plan, like what to do, how much to do and for how long.

    Would anyone out there be kind enough to give me an idea of the kind of week's exercise I should be aiming for in a bit more detail?

    Other details: I am 5'7, about 147lbs (would love to be 120lbs) and would consider myself a bit above averagely fit


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    just a recommendation:

    monday: simplefit day one
    tuesday: sprints + 3-4 mile walk
    wednesday: simplefit day 2
    thursday: 3-4 mile walk, play
    friday simplefit day 3 + 3-4 mile walk
    saturday: hike, play, etc.
    sunday: rest


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      Thanks thta't the kind of thing I was looking for. Forgive my ignorance but what does 'simplefit' mean?


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        It's at - a free bodyweight workout plan (using pushups, pullups and bodyweight squats).

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          its also really really good.


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            Check out the WOW on MDA or check out crossfit's brand x if you're new to fitness. Mix that in with some walking, bike riding and playing.
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