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  • WInter from down under

    Hello! Visiting Oz for a couple of weeks and I was wondering how Aussies workout during cold snaps? Any specific, grok-friendly places to jog/walk here in vibrams?

    Saw the canadian winter forum but wanted some location-specific info

    Thanks if advance!

    PS. Oh yeah I'm in Melbourne and sydney abit...then back to Melbourne then...anywhere interesting heheh

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    Our weather is warming up now that we're in Spring! I would recommend the Bondi to Coogee beach walk in Sydney - you get to take in the amazing east coast scenery. Someone from Melbourne might be able to give you some tips for while you're there!


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      depends where yr staying in sydney
      - as fitgirl said Bondi to bronte is superb
      - if yr in close to the CBD then walk around the opera house thru the botanical gardens past mrs macquaries chair and back
      - walk across the harbour bridge ...

      as for melbourne, assuming the weather holds then along the yarra river, or thru the botanical gardens ...


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        Just wanted to update, took a Bondi beach sprint and long walk, incredible views!

        Fish and chips at the end were awfully tempting though heheh

        Planning to course the Yarra river when I get back


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          As recommended for Melbourne, Yarra and botanical gardens are great.

          Also walks starting from around Dwight's Falls, lots of scope to exercise your Vibrams! from here you follow paths right out to the outer rural suburbs

          If you want any more Melbourne advice, shout me a PM. I'm from Melbourne, but actualy doing a short sting in Toronto at the moment.



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            The seasons are upside down as well, it is spring heading for summer in Oz. The climate is also quite temperate compared to the northern US. Put it this way, you're going to see palm trees, there is nothing even approaching a Canadian winter. Off the top of my head I would think Jacksonville FL for Melbourne with Tampa as Sydney. Being from Boston all I would need is a light jacket and a fleece vest just in case.

            Too many parks and what not to go into but do try to head down The Great Ocean Road

            Or the Dandenongs and the Healesville sanctuary so you can see some of those weird animals you've always read about.

            Actually, I'll stop now, it's a damn continent and 2 weeks is a short time and trust me you'll be jet lagged like you can't believe so give a day to adjust.
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