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  • Burnout - definitely NOT Primal!

    Yep, I've done it again! On Thursday I remembered about the Camp (so called because it's believed to be a Roman camp and hill fortification, the location's certainy right) - or, as I've now dubbed it my Grokette's Grove (shame there are some wankers round here who can't respect its beauty, but there you go... Littered with broken beer bottles it was when I was there yesterday, there's going to be a poor doggie with a cut paw soon...).

    Anyway, went up there on Thursday and it's PERFECT PBF territory. I'd strapped up my dodgy knee, and I thought I'd practise my sprinting (which was fine until an over-enthusiastic Jack Russell decided he'd like to join in!). Now, I have an old rucksack, into which I stick 500g weights (about 4kg at the moment) for extra resistance to work my glutes, abs and quads. Well, I managed to sprint 6 times on the way round, which I didn't think was bad - and, what's more, I felt fantastic!

    I also investigated a rather ancient oak in the middle of the heath (useless for any kind of pullup - brilliant for climbing, so I did! Not climbed a tree for nearly 30 years, but what the hell - it was FUN!!)

    Went back yesterday, and wasn't nearly as good. Managed a couple of sprints but, unlike Thursday, they left me gasping for breath (and I don't believe I sprinted for any longer - distance-wise - than I did the day before) and I only managed to power-walk/jog twice round the field (instead of the half-dozen or so times I managed the day before).

    Today I feel like crap. I've spent most of the day in bed, dozing, reading, listening to my iPod, and generally not feeling energised at all.

    Bearing in mind that it takes a LOT for me to get out the house (but I don't feel too bad once I am out and the Camp's definitely safer than the common) how do I learn to pace myself?

    I think the reason for going hell for leather is bound up with the notion I have in my head that, if I exercise I can 'justify' what I'm eating (I'm finding it hard to count the f/p/c grams, but I need to because I'm crap at judging exactly what I'm eating, and calories still do count. I don't think this would be so much of an issue if I was larger, but I'm conscious of starting to gain again (especially as the weather's definitely taking a turn for the worse here; it's sunny today, but not exactly warm) and I'm worried how I'm going to get through the winter.

    Can anyone offer me any advice? I make a concious effort to consume (far) less on the days I don't feel like going out because I'm not going to be 'burning it off' (yeah, CW strikes again, I know!).

    Someone help me reprogramme me brain, please!

    Thank you!

    Sarah xxx
    La tristesse durera toujours...

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    Maybe to days of sprinting back to back was too much. Next time do just a'move slowly' kind of day after you sprint. Just enjoy the air and stuff, take you time walk around. Have fun with it.

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