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  • In a wheelchair

    Hi everyone. I have a friend who is in a wheelchair and wants to lose weight, asked me for advice. Is there anyone here who is bound to a wheelchair and is successfully moving like Grok via a wheelchair? He cannot stand up at all, can only use his upper body. any suggestions I could pass on to him is greatly appreciated!!
    thank you!

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    Have you made him fix his diet? No amount of exercise can make up for a bad diet.
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      yes, that is the easy part for me helping him. not sure what to tell him since he cannot walk, hike, ride a bike etc...


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        i bet if you googled "wheelchair" and exercise, you would come up with a plethora of exercises he could do.
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          There are some amazing wheelchair athletes out there, as well as wheelchair dancers (who are super cool). You can get hand-cranked bikes, ice sleds for playing sled hockey, racing wheelchairs for speed, and a ton of other sports stuff. I'm sure there are many fitness things he can do--even going for a good long trip around the neighbourhood in his chair would be great as a move slowly workout.
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            I suppose this would be a little overly ambitious to start with: