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looking for ways to move slowly

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  • looking for ways to move slowly

    so, the days are getting shorter, and here in new hampshire they are getting considerably colder. this makes 3-5 hours of walking more difficult each week. i live in a pretty rural area where you have to walk on the road because there isn't much of a shoulder, and whereas walking or riding a bike in the dark would violate a primal law (avoid stupid mistakes), i'm looking for a new way to move slowly.

    i'm trying to avoid the gym or buying any cardio machines if i can. i was thinking that jumping rope or jumping jacks at home might do the trick, but that might get my heart rate higher than necessary.

    anyone have any ideas on how to move slowly for an hour or more without venturing too far from your house?

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    How big is your house? I dunno, pacing could get old fast. I can see why jump rope might be a bit much. Hmmm...

    If I must leave the house... the boring, rather anti-primal way that we get in walking in winter is to go to a local indoor mall. I guess it could be worse. I have an indoor pool membership too...
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      Is there a track or a park somewhere close by?
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        there are a few places i can drive to, but if i'm going to get in my car at all, my gym is less than two miles away. i haven't been in months...i think i've been a bit spoiled by the long summer days. i'm really trying to think of things i can do without needing a car. yoga was the first thing to come to mind, actually, but i'm not sure that gets my heart rate up enough.

        it won't be long until i can fill plenty of hours raking leaves, and shoveling snow (or building snow men) after that, but i'm just looking for something to do in that interim period. getting in the car isn't out of the question. i wonder if my wife would be up to learning how to swing dance in our garage...that's the sort of thing i need to do.


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          I was going to ask if you liked to dance. That sounds like a great idea.


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            rearrange the moderately heavy objects in your house. Moving things like basement boxes or furniture seems like some great low level activity. You could also experiment with things like yoga or pilates. Or even just alternate between doing things like step ups onto a chair, jumping jacks, and other body weight/calisthenic type exercises while watching tv. And when you get some fresh snow you can do one of my favorites, roll a massive snowball.


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              I think dancing will do the trick! I danced with my 3 year old today. Turn up the radio and just move and have fun, that might even go along with the PLAY law


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                Dance, you dancin' fool, it's great exercise, and by selecting the right dance, you control the effort. Believe it or not, with the right music, the waltz, which I LOVE, is a great move slowly option. No partner? grab a broom! Or the dog! (maybe not, my dog thinks we're playing and starts biting my hands a little, doesn't bother me, though) One of my cats used to like dancing with me (okay, I danced, the cat laid down in my arms and caught me)
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