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Would doing Les Mills BodyPump classes be bad (not primal)?

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  • Would doing Les Mills BodyPump classes be bad (not primal)?

    When I was in the best shape of my life I did BodyPump twice a week.....that's it! I'm considering starting up again, but wonder if BodyPump goes against Primal Blueprint ideolody?


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    You've got to tell us what this program entails.
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      I haven't done it myself, but they have classes at my gym and I keep meaning to try it out.

      I think it falls under "lift heavy things," and of course if you enjoy it it's also "play." It's not the type of thing you want to do really often, but 2x a week sounds reasonable to me, I don't think that would be what Mark would call "chronic cardio."
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        I do Power Pump (same thing as Body Pump) twice a week. I class it as my "Lift Heavy Things" part.
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          An hour at medium high intensity is pretty non-blueprint.
          Still twice a week would probably negate that concern.

          Any chance of doing it shorter and heavier/harder?